Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Biden and Fortune 500 Families Fall Into Trap

era of light alternative news connectionThe ongoing U.S. presidential election coup is turning out to be a giant trap for the families that own the Fortune 500 companies, multiple sources agree.  It is only a matter of time before Joe Biden and his fellow criminals will be charged and tried for treason, Pentagon sources say.

At the same time Western secret society sources say Marine Corps Intelligence Robert David Steele is being considered for President of the – soon to be founded – United States of North America.  Steele has nominated former Congresswoman and 9.11 truther Cynthia McKinney to be his vice-president.

Steele says he and McKinney are ready to take on the job.  However, first “Trump needs to win in order to finish with reforms; particularly proper electoral reform,” Robert David Steele said in an e-mail.  Steele adds that Trump is about to expose the election fraud and be declared the victor, then a number of people will resign from Congress to avoid being put into jail.

Here is what Pentagon sources had to say about the situation:

“Trump won in a landslide with 80% of the legal votes and may get 300 electoral votes, as CIA vote flipping software Dominion and rampant vote fraud by the Democrats is exposed.”

Many genuine news outlets also reported that Dominion Voting Systems, which controls more than a third of the voting-machine market, uses a high-powered lobbying firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Also, Dominion has ties to the Clinton Foundation and a major stake is owned by Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband.

“There really is massive voter fraud going on.  I was a poll watcher and I saw it myself….I saw a person sign an affidavit saying he did not send a mail-in ballot but somebody sent one in his name,” says Christopher North, a friend who worked as a poll watcher in Pittsburg.  North notes that in his area, “Biden is getting more 50% more black votes than Barack Obama did in 2008 and in many precincts the voter turn-out is over 100%.”

However, just in case you haven’t seen it, veteran U.S. State Department senior official Steve Pieczenik among others explains how a clever trap was set for the would-be vote stealers by putting a secret mark on all genuine ballots.  Pieczenik and others say this has resulted in the wholesale exposure of the Khazarian mafia network in the U.S.

“Trump may fire CIA Director Gina Haspel and purge the agency and many Deep Staters elsewhere in the government,” the Pentagon sources add.

While the West is distracted with its undeclared civil war, big military moves mean the situation is getting very dangerous around the world.  We are getting reports of massive troop movements in Mexico, Canada, Ukraine, Central Asia, Africa, the Chinese Indian border, etc.

For example, we got the following information from a source in Slovakia:

“NATO troops are moving from Western Europe towards Ukraine.  It is starting to look as if they were to occupy strategic points and in the near future NATO troops could attack Belarus and possibly Russia.  An attack can occur within a few days.  Movements of troops at the borders were observed.  It is starting to look as if there is going to be an attack by Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland.  It is very likely.  Russia has canceled all entry visas.  Russia and Belarus are completely closed.  Belarusians claim that the worst days of our lives are ahead (10 days).  Slovaks and Czechs are locked in their homes.  The troops are moving.  Helicopters are being moved in large numbers. They are building huge field hospitals for 5,000 people (at the Ostrava airport).”

Also, Mike Harris of Veteran’s Today called to say he is getting reliable reports of Chinese forces in Mexico. “The Mexicans allowed the military operators into the country because the Chinese promised to return to Mexico all the lands lost in the Mexican/American war,” he says.  In other words, they offered California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas to Mexico.

We are also getting multiple reports of Chinese troops in Canada.  We have contacted various sources in Canada and have been unable to confirm this.  However, Prime Minister Justin Castro is a Manchurian candidate who almost certainly murdered his brother in order to take over Canada.  He has also suspended democracy in Canada while using a fake pandemic as an excuse to impose martial law and set up concentration camps.  It is a good bet Justin Castro was offered New England as well as Oregon and Washington State by the Chinese.

In chorus with Canada’s Castro, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said last week that if you refuse to be tested [for the fake virus], you would be indefinitely imprisoned and never allowed to leave the quarantine camp.

Castro (Trudeau) also, together with Boris Johnson of the UK and Emmanuelle [sic] Macron of France was quick to congratulate Joe Biden on his fraudulent election victory.  The three leaders, taking their cue from AP on Biden’s fake victory all chimed in with congratulations despite there being no official result.  Biden has also made it clear he will start COVID fascism if he takes power.

Asian secret society sources say China was promised Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and ASEAN could be part of the United States of China if they helped Biden get elected.  It thus looks certain that Biden and his Rockefeller etc. backers attempted to sell out to China in order to keep themselves in power in the West.

In view of this situation, Britain’s Chief of the Defense Staff Nick Carter publicly warned of a risk of WW3 starting, telling Sky News:

“I think we are living at a moment in time where the world is a very uncertain and anxious place and of course, the dynamic of global competition is a feature of our lives as well, and I think the real risk we have with quite a lot of the regional conflicts that are going on at the moment, is you could see escalation lead to miscalculation.”

MI6 sources had a slightly more laid-back view saying:

“There is a lot of rubbish flying about at the moment, I think on a global scale of things the world has lost all sense and meaning altogether.”

In any case, Pentagon sources say the U.S. Supreme Court is “6-3 behind Trump with justice [Clarence] Thomas paying back Biden for his bitter 1991 confirmation hearing and justice [Brett] Kavanaugh doing the same to Kamala Harris for his 2018 grilling.”

And: After Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] deceived Trump by quickly congratulating Biden, the Jewish mafia continues its defeat and former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is dead, sources say.

An Asian intelligence source says that Netanyahu, who congratulated Biden, was a CG composite, as was George Bush Jr. who also did, since both originals were executed.

In addition to sources from the Pentagon, Western secret societies are also making it clear that they will not allow a continuation of the Democratic Party’s ongoing election coup.

A representative of several large secret societies says:

The way I see it, first of all it is the DNC.

I mean, look at the last cycle as well.

Whether they like it or not, their voters asked for Bernie and they were told: No, you get Hillary.

With Biden it happened again.
>>br> The DNC has its agenda, which of course works with the leftist MSM like the NYT … the media will decide the election, even if it’s not in the Constitution.

It was further consolidated with the big-tech censorship.

Look at Google now worth $1 trillion, and yet its founder cannot explain his continued relationship with Epstein after his conviction.

Fact checkers are the “thought police”.
>>br> The sources point out that transnational secret lodges, which include the affiliations of both men and women at the highest levels of world politics, finance and industry, discuss and decide all world decisions that have to do with power, politics, finance and industry.

These companies have made the decision to remove the Khazarian mafia from world power, several sources agree.

This means that Justin Castro, Boris Johnson, Emannuel Macron and their puppeteers Rothschild, Angelli etc. will not stay on this planet for much longer, sources say.

Instead, there is a high-level consensus among both Eastern and Western secret societies that the current system we have for running the planet needs drastic reform.

Many Western governments now publicly advocate Asian-style future planning as a better system than the pure, unbridled capitalism that has done so much damage to the West. Below you will find a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal that deals with this topic in detail.

Pope Francis plays a key role in this process with his ongoing purge of the Vatican Bank, the current de facto future planning agency of the West.

The article below states, for example, that the Vatican directed money to a holding company headed by Lapo Elkann, one of the more extravagant members of the Italian Agnelli clan.

Together with the Rothschilds, the Agnellis control the Economist and are considered the de facto controllers of the Federal Reserve Board, although not for long.

As an example of their criminal incompetence, these people have for years conducted a massive fraud operation known as NASA, which according to high-level Pentagon sources stands for Not A Space Agency. NSA sources indicate that mice have been sighted running impossibly on Elon-Musk rockets, which allegedly fly in the vacuum of space.

This kind of massive fraud by the Khazarian mafia, which has taken over Western power, is the reason why Asia has been able to make economic progress.

The longer the West hesitates to reform and eliminate the incompetent leadership of the Khazarian mafia, the stronger China and other Asian countries will become.

The latest economic reports from China, for example, show that the country’s economy is growing again at a rapid pace.

If the Westerners do not want to end up as Chinese slaves or servants, they must eliminate the criminal parasites that have carried out what MI6 describes as stealth state capture.

These people have impoverished most Westerners in their greed and are now trying to sell what is left to China for protection.

Hopefully the trap set for the people who support Biden will serve the purpose. If not, grab your weapons.

If even the Chief of Staff of the General Staff, General Mark Miley, does nothing, then he has clearly been compromised and must be eliminated.

Sources at the Pentagon in turn asked us to remind the Chinese that they have space-based weapons that could turn China into molten glass if necessary. In other words, a war will not solve this crisis in China’s favor, but in time it will.