11:11 Gateway/Passageway: Thrust

sunny era of light dot comThis has been a gateway of continual gateways opening constantly daily and building to this now, to continue to open more portals/gateways to build upon those… as this is how all works.

The power of these energies are beyond. The Pure Divine Harmonizing frequencies that stream 24/7 for all to tune-into and to with/to…. are beyond beautiful as well.

♫ ♫ ♫ NEW EARTH is all Light Frequencies that sing, lift, dig, super-charge, re-calibrate, re-code, re-distribute, re-calculate, re-align, re-do everything… through a DIVINE SYMPHONY that plays/signs all day every day….

♫ ♫ ♫ Cosmic Ray Frequencies, Universal Frequencies, SOULar Frequencies, Galactic (Multi-Galaxy) Frequencies streaming 24/7 and delivering/activating ALL NEW FOR EVERYONE… these come by way of Ultra-High Photonics, Gamma Super-Charging and Waves, Cosmic Rays of Light and so very much more….

♫ ♫ ♫ Frequencies “replace” old human language… they “deliver”/make available immense “data” and “information” in so many ways. These activate everyone’s “Higher Light DNA” (Consciousness) and each’s multi-dimensional existence, which is a game changer for all embracing this.

Every moment encoded…. learning to decipher/translate and “utilize” these codes in a myriad of ways, is just “one” of the ways we navigate with great ease. ♥

Yesterday, when the next opening occurred, the word was “Thrust”. As in a huge “thrust forward” in whatever is “next” for each. Because our “next” is not linear, it’s Quantum, we LOVE huge Jumps, Leaps and Expansion into all new….

Pre-Ascension, the human aspect lives in the separation/illusion of linear time. Post-Ascension (consciousness first, then the body completes the process over “time” (often years) to clear all linear time-tables from the body’s template and reconfigure all through Sacred/Advanced Geometrics that correlate to Quantum Relativity working in conjunction with an entirely different VALUE SYSTEM, that takes everything into account… and re-calculates constantly, re-configuring that which most see as “reality” with an entirely “different” (new) outcome….

The human aspect does not Quantum Jump well, because it hangs on. This hanging on is what “causes” (creates) suffering, struggle and resistance to what “needs to come forth” to “replace” the old with all new…..

We JUMP…. fast, easy and with excitement and grace. We embrace all as LOVE and not only call it forth, do everything within our own POWER to “do” that which supports these immense “jumps” as they appear to the human aspect mind.

Because we do not live from the separation of time, we are able to ‘see’ and accomplish differently… “bypassing” the constraints and limits of time, if you will. Time becomes “timelines” and a timeline is just a vibrational reality that plays out. We can see entire timelines from this Zero Point of Creation and choose which ones to activate, which ones to allow to dissolve/fall away, which ones we desire to call forth as our own actual experience and which ones to invest our Love, our Beauty, our Precious Lift Force/Energy and all that we have/are into as well. We can do all of these amazing “realities” while fulfilling immense service roles for humanity too. We manage/maintain infinite multiple timelines that all run simultaneously, just with our consciousness and what we “do” throughout our every now-moment-nights/day.

A “thrust” for the human aspect means something completely different to a “thrust” for a Light BEing occupying a form that we’ve evolved through the Embodiment of Light. For some, this will thrust them into oblivion, to clear out immense programming, which is important for “following” phases relative to each’s individual Soul’s Journey and role fulfillment too. For some, this will thrust them into the most magical and amazing experience (expansion). For another collective, this will thrust them into something else. Because all is energetic/vibrational, this can mean a bazillion things and will correlate to each’s current phase (relative to LightBody phases as well).

Because all is a State of Consciousness, then the State or Level of Consciousness one lives from/holds is what dictates that which each shall experience “next”. For us, “next” is the next vibration, the next vibrational response, relative to all existences, all held, all activated codes and each’s body template as well.

Because all is Pure Consciousness… how each’s field responds to each is always relative to what each is transmitting/projecting out…..

Because the external is a vibrational response to each… we focus on our own inner reality and assist all with shifting focus, shifting vibrationally/energetically to a timeline that’s highest aligned for all as Love.

As LIGHT, we each have immense abilities to shift anything and everything at will. WE CREATE AS/WITH LIGHT Frequencies (Technologies) that emanate out from within.

As PURE Light, we see all…. no longer blinded by human emotions of separation, limiting mindsets and no longer holding onto anything of “the old”. AS PURE LIGHT, we see how easy it is to shift all, how all are capable of this too, and we honor all as Love. We also have the ability to CHOOSE the dimension/frequency bandwidth, timeline we desire to experience/exist in and support/guide/assist all truly open to living/doing/being this with greater ease too….

Everyone can “stop”, pull away and go deeper inside to intentionally clear, open up to allow for immense beauty to come forth and honor their own LightBody/DNA/Consciousness fully too. Everything is each’s choice/decision and the result is relative to this.

To LIVE our NEW EARTH Existence FULLY, we each must hold the Expanded Consciousness (deep Heart-Soul Connection) for this. Our bodies link up to the Crystalline/Energetic/Plasma Grids and Networking System of NEW Earth…. so there is immense physical body and field re-codings, re-calibrations and electro-magnetic re-balancing process constantly going on in conjunction with the integration of immense Light Codes flooding through 24/7 of every moment now.

These are realities of catalyzing frequencies, alchemizing and huge catapults in all new directions… Old Earth Consciousness functioned linearly. This is the complete polar opposite of that. There are twists and turns and shifts constantly, that when functioning in Divine Harmony, Unison and Flow… can be fun, exciting and support each’s every moment now. When there is a dis-connect from this, then confusion, chaos and imbalances can be experienced until new-energetic-vibrational-alignement is reached/achieved. After a while, we all get the hang of this and not only start to in-JOY it, learn how to maneuver, flow and expand with all and observe as everything presents. This gives all the expanded capabilities to observe, see and then choose/decide, what is now acceptable, what is desired and what supports on a much greater scale, which is very different than the human aspect sees…. as this Quantum Expansion allows us to take everything into account and make completely different decisions than we would have before…. as we see how every breath, word, act affects all…. on a multi-dimensional/Quantum Level and we can observe a multitude of timelines simultaneously and shift all ourselves.

We shift the inside, we shift the outside… everything can be shifted, expanded and re-aligned to all new with great ease, when our hearts are pure, when our minds are pure, when our motives/energy is pure and when we are working from the much bigger picture and honoring all as fully capable in shifting in unison too. ♥

Shifting is an every-now-moment thing. BEing completely in-tune and in-harmony is too. This is not complicated, it just require all shift from their heads and to their own hearts fully to shift where all functions from, how all plays out and what occurs next is relative to this for each/all. ♥

InJOY the winding, twisting, turning… through Divine Sacred Flow with all as ONE. Part of REMEMBERING is re-learning everything all over again and “throwing the old ways out” as “quickly” as possible, otherwise these continue to bind each to that which no longer is. ♥

Non-Linear/Quantum…. Full vibrational alignment and flow…. Full Consciousness… and intentional CREATION of every now moment emanates from THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE/NOW. ♥ Everything that comes forth (vibrational match/return) is relative to ALL DIMENSIONS/Frequency Bandwidths… rather than the fractaled versions of just one.

Use your expanded heart-mind consciousness to tune completely in and navigate an entirely “new reality” that already exists in much higher frequency bandwidths and preparing to come forth as a vibrational response to ALL OF YOU! ♥ Use your inner vision to see, your inner-knowing to guide and allow the absolute highest to BE your “next” reality… as you are completely open, ready, embracing and transitioning out of everything that represents your old and no longer highest aligned. ♥

To “prepare” means to open completely up and be ready for all new to come forth for all….

Use your expanded awareness/inner vision to see, as this will show you what your roles are through higher service and as Light… and it’s up to you to honor/figure all out and “do” that which you see/know inside… to align your own “outside” (external) to match that which you came here to be/do as Love. ♥

With kindness, respect and love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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