Life Tapestry Creations: Tomorrow is Here

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Many of you have returned to a 3D stance that all will be right with your world if this happens.

There is no outer “this” that will make your life better.

Granted, you might accomplish this. Or you might interact with someone special in your mind who encourages you to be someone or something. Those interactions have little to do with what is inside you. You are no longer part of any group. And even though you might tap into the joy or angst of certain groups, that angst or joy is not yours.

It is time for you to fully claim you. Unlike when you were a young teen needing to think, act, and speak as others to ensure your group membership.

Who are you? Not, who are you when you are part of a group?

Such does not mean you must remain in a cave so others cannot interfere with your thoughts and actions. Instead, that you listen to yourself before listening to others – no matter their importance in your life.

You did not complete the transition phases you have to date only revert to the dictates of others. You are different than others. But then, such is true for everyone. No one is now as comfortable in groups as humans were when the earth was fully 3D.

Even though 3D beings will likely want to be part of a group, they will find it more difficult to do so, for this is the era of the individual.

Those enmeshed in 3D will discover that even though some of what others of 3D are declaring seems right, most of their 3D beliefs do not track for them. ThreeD bonds are weakening to the point of becoming nonexistent. Such is so for several reasons, not the least of which is that 3D is dissembling rapidly.

Which has little to do with you, for you are no longer of 3D. It is past time for you to whine or become angry with those who think or act differently than you. You are not part of their group or any group. Yet, many of you function as if others need to know how wrong they are.

The thought that others are wrong indicates you wish to remain part of a group. It is time to allow others to find their way.

Your concern is that the thoughts and actions of others will not mesh with yours. Yet, that’s exactly what you dreamed of for eons. You cannot live in two worlds. Others no longer think or act like you, for you are now in free form.

Of course, it is somewhat difficult to let go of the need to be like or with others, just as was true as a teen. But you are not a 3D teen. You are a Universal angel fully capable of following your unique path and interests.

This new earth is not about groups of like-minded humans, forcing others to declare their groups’ rightness. It is about unique individuals daring to be themselves and exploring that which is of interest to them, even if it is of no interest to anyone else.

The new earth is not about group think or action. It is about the uniqueness that creates anew.

Even though the United States continues to have ripples of dissension after three hundred years of a governing experiment, the young people of the 1700s who created that experiment thought outside the box for the times. Multiple the thinking of those young adults three hundred years ago by 100 fold or more to know how unique your thinking is becoming.

It is time to function in a new mode – and so you are – just not as rapidly as you wish. Many of you are now stuck thinking you must support this or that group even though your inner-being informs you that such is not part of your action plan.

The angst many of you are feeling is your inability to move beyond groupthink. Even though your inner-being is ready to fully function as an independent being, your 3D memories are pulling you back to what was instead of what is.

That last statement is not to for you feel guilty or angry, but instead to inform you why you are feeling uncomfortable. It is not about worldly actions or nonactions. It is because you are not honoring yourself.

The question, “Who are you?” is not a future thought, but instead an immediate need.

Your being will relax when you allow yourself to listen to your inner voice. Who are you? Not who should you be or who do others want you to be, but who are you?

Stop worrying about world events and listen to your inner-being. Doing so will provide more answers and actions than ever were possible in 3D groupthink. No longer are there “good guys” and “bad guys” as you once played as a child to prepare you for 3D life. There is only you, your interests and, therefore, needs.

Listening to yourself will do more for the earth and its inhabitants than any groupthink. Groupthink was yesterday. Unique directions created by you are tomorrow. Tomorrow is here. So be it. Amen.

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