Throwing Energy

lightworker eraoflightdotcomMany years ago, when I first began my conversations with the archangels and ascended masters, Master Kuthumi said to me: “To enter and remain in the fifth dimension you must master every thought, every emotion, and every action. Every moment.” Cautiously, and with great respect (and without grimacing or rolling my eyes), I replied, “Well, it looks like I won’t be entering the fifth dimension anytime soon.” Kuthumi smiled and said, We shall see.

Thus began the pathway we call Mastering Alchemy; the pathway to master ourselves so that we may enter and remain in higher levels of consciousness.

How you respond to the quickly increasing noise and drama during this Shift is a wonderful and consistent training ground for becoming masterful. How do you respond to an unexpected situation? Do you absorb it and let it affect you physically or emotionally? Do you internalize it as stress? Do you react and complain? Are you sarcastic? Demanding? Do you cut the person off at the knees and reject them? (All third-dimensional reactions.)

And how do you respond when someone else reacts and throws energy? Do you match them, go down to their level, and throw back? Or do you take a break and recognize that they are revealing a great deal about their own pain? Pain speaks very loudly sometimes.

Social media and email exchanges can be a fun place for watching energy being thrown, and for watching if you throw it, too. Posts and emails are somewhat anonymous, and therefore easy to hide behind. Notice if you forget there may be real live people with feelings (and intense issues going on in their lives) on the other side of that “send” button. Apologizing for your lousy behavior can be more difficult than managing it in the first place. For emails, the drafts folder is there for a reason. Write it once, save it, and read it out loud later.

What’s your method of operation?

Machine Gun Irritation Send a progression of five complaining emails, minutes apart (around midnight is best), each expecting an instant response. Be sure each one gets louder and bolder and redder and nastier. No need to apologize for your behavior when you are helped that afternoon. You are the customer after all.

Cut Them Off at the Knees. Complain and threaten to “take them to court” if you don’t get quick results. You’ll get faster help and maybe extra gifts.

Sarcasm. It is very easy to throw the energy of sarcasm online. If the recipient calls you on it, you can always blame the innate troubles of digital communication.

Poor Me. Act like a victim. “I’ve just lost my job/house/mind. I have cancer/leprosy/ emergency.” If you can make them feel sorry for you (its not your fault you’re in this situation), you might get extra attention, scholarships, and free gifts.

Hider. When the unexpected situation arises, do not do anything at all. It was probably your mistake/misunderstanding/bad vibes that caused it. Go eat some chocolate and drink a beer. The company or person is probably too busy to bother with you anyway.

Ripples on a Still Lake.

When one throws energy, it creates a ripple effect. This is very much like the concentric circles that form when you toss a pebble into a still lake. Ripples are created that move out to touch and influence others. If I were to punch you (throw negative energy at you), you might turn to the man sitting next to you and punch him. He then turns to the woman sitting next to him and insults her. She carries that energy around with her until she gets home. She then yells at her son, who then kicks the dog, who then … you get the picture.

Because I began that ripple by throwing energy at you, it is my responsibility to clean it up. Not an easy thing to do when, by the next day, tens of people (or more) have been affected by my rippling energy. We have all thrown energy at others in our lives. During this time of Shift, it is now urgently important to become aware of and change this habit in ourselves. It is possible to master every thought, every emotion, and every action.

Every moment.

Your job is to be a big, solid boulder in the rippling lake. You are the boulder that keeps the ripple from continuing to touch others. The master neither passes the energy along to others, nor absorbs it into her space. The master transmutes the thrown energy and gives it back to the giver in a higher vibration of kindness, upliftment, and grace.

Be the example of what you want to experience more of.

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