Goddess of Creation: Your Perception

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomNama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. You are here. You have arrived. You are on the precipice of having to accomplish what you sought to do upon the Earth.

I have spoken again, and again, and again about the manner in which the Earth has ascended into a higher level of consciousness. One of the most important aspects of this is an aspect of spirituality. Through spirituality, you are opening up the source that is you. That source that is uniquely you and different from everybody else.

When you look at the history of religion upon the Earth in just about every period of time the people living upon the Earth acknowledge that there was something more than just that lifetime. They may have focused on God, Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, Krishna; those are the ones that are very prevalent right now, but at other times people would be associated with Gaia, the Stars, with the Heavens. My point is there is something more than you in this life.

Since the time of Atlantis, so much of the consciousness of Earth has been about trying to take the spirituality out of the human. It’s been about trying to get people to believe that there was nothing but this lifetime. That there was nothing else. Another aspect of that was a conscious thought process that was to suppress and beat down humanity. When you look there have been waves and waves and waves of that, but in particular, in the last 120 years, this has been particularly at the forefront. The way in which a small group of individuals were trying to suppress the majority until you are where you are now. In which as people awaken and they realize that life is not what they thought it was. That there is something more.

And if you look straight at the individuals that would participate in a religious group some of them are understanding that there is a pathway that would help them to know that there is something more. Other aspects of their religion or any of these religions were actually tools in which were used to suppress.

Therefore, as this transition is completed for all of humanity almost everything that you recognize will transition in one form or another. In the end, the result of all of this is that humanity understands that you are more than just this life. That you yourself have direct access to what you call that God Source Energy. You as your Soul is directly linked in to the consciousness of the Universe. This is something that is open to interpretation to every person.

However, living in the fifth dimension; living from your heart; living in a space that is filled with much more compassion; is going to be a part of what transitions the way in which you look at spirituality in the future. Some of this will come in as a much greater open alignment between you and your Soul. Therefore, you will telepathically receive information that comes from that greater source. Your own personal intuition and insights will be even more readily available to you and the foundation of it all is you. You the human, living this life, having these experiences, making choices that support you.

I feel such love. I feel such respect and honor for each one of you. There is the group energy, and then there is that individual energy, and this is a part of what is so, so important. That you are linked into a bigger group. However, you are still uniquely you. You have so much to share. So much to give to yourself and to others.

Take a deep breath in as you breathe all the way down. You stop for a moment in your heart center and as you do so you can feel that swirl of energy as it moves into your heart center. You send it down onto the Earth. As you send that stream of light and energy into the Earth it stretches out connecting with those that live within the Earth. Connecting with Gaia. Anchoring you into this space. You then bring this energy back through you. It comes up through all your energy bodies. It comes up through the top of your head and you feel it as you expand outward, as you reach the space of your Higher Self.

Look around at what this is. Some of you have a sense of a blank slate. Others of you feel things. Some see. This is one of those places in which your perception will change in the months to come.

You then continue to send that energy up. It’s as if you leave the vibration and the dimension that it is associated with this lifetime. You send your energy all the way up into the higher light vibration of the Soul Plane. As you arrive within the space take a moment and open up all of your energy bodies that you may see, sense, perceive your Soul. For some, it is in the shape of a human. For others, it’s pure light. For others, it’s multiple colors.

As you feel your energies merge with the new Divinity your consciousness expands even further. Because you are anchored upon the Earth you can allow even more of your perception and your awareness to merge with your Divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you within this space. As I do so you will feel all of your consciousness and awareness move until you blend into the All That Is. Here we are. Take a moment and look around at how this has transitioned over the last several years.

Just as you in your human experience have ascended so too the space in which we come here to create has also been shifting upwards. This is because of your growth that you experienced. For some of you that came into this space, you have very minimal perspective. Others of you can maybe see things, feel things, or just know things about it. I ask only that you trust that through your intention to be here you have arrived.

The last time that we gathered together I was working with you to recalibrate your energy bodies. For some of you, it may be something that you go through multiple different times. For others of you, you do it once and then you know it’s continuing to work in the background. For others of you, you felt as if it was a great idea, but nothing really happened.

Let me speak for a moment about perspective. The perspective that you have about your life is created through the experiences that you have. Your perspective or your perception can change depending on what might be going on around you. There may be times in which your intuition is talking to you telling you that a change needs to occur. However, through your perception it creates fear, or it causes you to want to remain in the space that you know about because that is the better place to be.

Take a moment and consider the perspective of what is happening in the World. When you heard about some of the changes that were taking place; some of the things that were coming out that were hidden, for many people the first reaction is, “Oh that can’t be true. Things like that can’t happen in the world.” However, the more that you look at a situation perhaps read about it, study it, research it, that’s when your perspective changes.

On a global level, there is still a great deal that is right beneath the surface that is going to be coming out and shared with the World that will cause people to question. For many, it may send them into an initial feeling of fear. I ask you in this moment, understanding that the negativity has to come up and out in order to allow more of the high light vibration to come in and replace it, to anticipate that things will come up that will be uncomfortable for people.

However, you are in a very unique position. You are here in the All That Is. You work with these energies consciously or unconsciously all the time. You understand where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going.

I invite you therefore that anytime you hear, see, read what might be going on in the world to remember to be in a space of the higher light vibration. There will be many things that come out that will be extremely difficult for people. Feel the love and compassion, but don’t get pulled in.

Understanding that this transition is at a very acute phase because you are at the completion. Just start right now and tap into the energy of compassion, of belief, and trust that this transition is almost complete. Therefore, it will bring you a sense of calm. Right now, as I’m looking at everybody, I can feel your calm, I can feel your expansion, I can feel your awareness. Perception is everything.

Now then, allow me to open up that veil that we have used many times in the past, and the first thing that I would like you to do is to look out at the Universe. Many of you see the ships that are circulating around the Earth. There are some of what you call the mother ships that are massive and others that are smaller. Ask to know what is it for you to see? Indeed, as I said that I saw some of you go to Pleiades, some of you went to Andromeda, some of you went to Mars, some of you sent your consciousness to experience another part of the Universe.

When you send your consciousness, you can move in light moments to take in other parts of the Universe. You are not there fully. This is all through your expanded consciousness which is your Soul that is already connected with other parts of the Universe. So, when you want to go someplace, you literally are going back into your Soul and out. So that you may still be you, you may still have your consciousness and you may also connect with someplace else in the Universe.

You will notice that there is a great deal of transition taking place. In some places, there is an energy or vibration of warfare. Other places there is a peaceful balance. The way that I perceive this is literally seeing waves in the energy around certain planets and seeing calm around others.

As you open your perception to understand ask, “What is it I need to know in this now moment?” Okay. Okay. Some of you have just gone very deeply within your own Divinity and you are receiving answers about your life. For this journey I wanted everyone to look universally to get the bigger picture and then come down within your life. For those who wish to remain out in the far reaches of the Universe or the Galaxy, they may do so. For others I invite you to shift your perception back into your I AM presence, back here within the All That Is looking towards your I AM presence.

What within your life feels stuck? As you ask that question and you’re looking towards your Divinity perhaps you will notice that some of you are beginning to live in parallel lives. Let me rephrase that. Many of you have already been living in parallel lives, but you are opening up to the perception of what that means for you. Some of you, you have a feeling, or sense, or an inner knowledge that you are doing something, or having a particular experience. As you then look at your own life and the perception is, “Wait a minute this is not my life. My life is having another particular experience.”

Perception is everything. Have the perception as you as you look at your life, as you look at these experiences that they are a part of what you have created for yourself and they are also part of this massive Divinity that is you. If some of you begin to have that blending from another lifetime, be it parallel; well, they are all parallel, but parallel is not what you think it is. It can be up, down, in, out. These are Co-creative lifetimes. Then perhaps there is something about that other lifetime that is here to support you within this life that you are living.

Take that moment. Look around. Receive the knowledge that you are seeking, because it is here for you. Some people are saying I want my physical body to represent perfect health, perfect weight, great agility. A physical body that supports them in their everyday life. It’s here within this space. Take a deep breath and allow that alignment come up within you.

Other people may feel heaviness or density from their thoughts, their emotions, their beliefs. Just as if they walk through life feeling disconnected or as if they are constantly frustrated. So, clear out any of those old patterns ~whew~ and then look around. Open to an understanding or perception that is fully supportive of you. In just about every one of you, there is a shift into joy.

The times when you feel afraid, heavy, burdened, frustrated, angry, are the times that your emotions and your beliefs are telling you something has to change. There is a different perception of everything that is going on and when you change what is creating that frustration anger, pain, sorrow within you you’re getting into the balance and alignment that will fully support you. It may be massive or it may be small and subtle.

Feel the energies that are here. Know who you are. Understand, and as you were changing this perception, especially as I said for you to understand, immediately you all opened up to feel love and compassion for yourself. Here you are.

Let’s shift the gears once more and again you may look outward, and as you are looking at the Universe let’s now look at the Earth. What is your perception of the Earth? A different way in which we could have experienced this would be for you to look at the Earth and just consider the perception of how you see it without having to clear out your own energy.

So, if in your everyday life the perception of the Earth is it a place to be afraid, a place of turmoil, a place in which others are out to get you. I’m not saying that that is not exactly what it is. However, that perception brings you down into a narrow space or a small space. So, having shifted your perception in everything, you can now look at those situations and realize I am limiting myself. I am not opening up to this much greater opportunity that it’s available to me.

The other belief that you may have is that I don’t know what that other opportunity is. However, having lived and experienced this higher lighter vibration I believe in the vibration and therefore I believe in what is coming into me, or it is existing around me. The more that more that individuals can step up into that lighter vibrational energy it just radiates out from them, and it radiates from them to the next person to the next and it circles the entire world.

At this point, I lost electricity in my house which cut off the phone & the stream on YouTube. This picks up once it returned and I was back on the call.

I the Goddess return. I have always been here. I continue to hold that energy for most everyone. I also returned with the abruptness of that.

So, let me just bring this to a close. We were close to finishing up anyway. One of the things I wish to say to you is that each one of you have much more power or impact than you even realize when it comes living this life. It is not about you fixing anything for anybody else. It is about your opening to a perception that is filled with light and love. Opening to a perception and understanding that there is a much bigger picture, a much bigger scheme of what is happening in the World and in your Universe.

Therefore, as you open up to that, you can step into that stream of energy, that flow of love, that flow of opportunity and it will shift you back within this space.

So beloved family craziness and the breakup of the energy in the middle of this, no matter what it is that is happening understand that there are always multiple ways of looking at a situation. Understand that your perception can reflect where you are in life and can also reflect and transition into what it is that you do want in your life.

Float above all that is being released at this time and maintain the light, the love, the essence that is all here for you. Know that you are very, very, very supported.


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