Awakening in Love

star bright eraoflightdotcomWe all have the gifts of thought and feeling allowing us to manifest what we need and desire in the material world through our attention and focus. Our ideas, expressions and experiences continuously unfold our individual and collective journeys as we explore the very nature of our reality. Inspiring us at our core is the fundamental essence of universal love. This is the spark that ignites our imagination and the initial creative impulse that guides us ever forward. This is a magical and monumental time as we are awakening in love and consciously remembering ourselves as creator beings.

Capable of creating an infinite array of possibilities and potentials, we are becoming increasingly aware of our innate ability to choose what we want to experience. We are realizing we are not a product of our reality; rather we are the initiators of it. The opportunity to be on such an incredible, sensual and sensory adventure that this earth provides, is precisely why we are here. We are made of the same building blocks that comprise the cosmos and the earth, and, in turn, we get to form and experience our own creations accordingly. This has always been true, yet long ago, we allowed ourselves to focus outward at the expense of our inner connection to all that is.

As a result, through eons of time, we have gone through countless civilizations as a humanity. We discovered and settled the farthest reaches of our planet to immerse ourselves into every conceivable configuration that we could experience. As each epoch emerged, we evolved and became something more. Beginning new cycles and often eradicating previous ones, building cities upon cities, enduring advances and setbacks, all of this moved us forward in unique ways. Each era initiated fresh understandings of who we really are while illuminating our seemingly forgotten heart-centered potential.

Ultimately, experiencing this broad spectrum of contrast catapulted us to new heights of knowing our love and brought us into this present age of realization. As we begin to awaken, everything is now coming together to initiate a leap in our evolutionary cycle where we are conscious of love as an integral part of every moment and each choice. Aligning our awareness with love ensures that we will imbue our creations with compassion, peace, kindness, dignity and the many enduring qualities as we create from our heart with harm to none.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation

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