Yeshua: Choose the Light

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomWhen you smile at a stranger at the crosswalk, I’m there. When you help a plant to find its balance in soil, light, water and nutrition, I am involved. As you unconditionally embrace your neighbors‘ children, you can feel my bliss. If you wrap yourself in a bubble bath and light candles just for your well-being and recovery, I smile with satisfaction that you are taking care of yourself.

When you choose to see the perfect in the imperfect, you have turned to me. When you dare to stand for your opinion, even though you are alone with it and get a lot of resistance, I will help you straighten your spine so that you stand firm and not crooked. I carry you over difficult waters when you lose a loved one or go through a divorce. Nothing is too difficult, or heavy for me to carry. Welcome to unload all possible burdens. You can cry on my shoulder, it has no limit to how much it can withstand. You can tell me everything, I listen and see and nothing is too difficult for me.

I was with you for a while to carry you through these difficulties. By taking on your pain and your burdens from an old time. This was a time that gave you burdens of shame, guilt and denial, often self-denial. My job is to set you free. You have learned the lesson that comes from walking in the dark and you have endured so much suffering. I tell you, you can let go now, you can rise again, walk with me in the light and carry with you your own shadow and your experiences with pride.

Choose the light of your soul and not the darkness of your desires. Choose the purity of your heart’s song and feel the connection with all living things, not division. See that in order for you to feel good, your neighbor also needs to feel good. No one can really feel good about someone else’s misfortune. Your neighbor’s misfortune is also yours, you share it, not just happiness.

Love is not bigoted or power hungry. They are the little gestures that count. Every act in the name of true love multiplies the higher octave. False good deeds that are not genuine give a dissonance of another kind. Soon there will be no more room for them. True acts of love can be hidden in a dim light. It is often only afterwards that we know what was really genuine. The one you thought was the sage was in fact a fool and the fool turned out to be a master soul.

Allow yourself to be confused and wondering. You do not have to know everything. Ask me, knock on my door and I will open it for you and I will answer your question, but it may take some time, because I will see when you are really ready to receive the answers. You need patience. I have infinite patience with you. I am with you, always by your side but you have to take the steps yourself. I love you, more than you realize my love is different. My love goes beyond the mountains and the horizon, my love reaches deep where no one has stayed, my love embraces the slightest seed and blemish. I love you when you are weak and I love you when you are strong. I carry you when needed and I attach wings to your back when you are ready for your first flight,


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