Source: I am Light

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomI am seeing light, only light. I keep hearing “In the beginning there was the light of myself.” I am Source. I am the space between the in-between. I am the love-light fabric of the All. I am the everything and yet I am the nothing in-between the spaces of reality that you know and that you do not know. This reality has been much distorted and yet there I remain, for I am you, I am within you.

I am Source. I come though this one today for she is beloved by me, just as you are all beloved by me. You are my aspects, my fractals in form having a unique earthly sojourn into the density of the lower realms. You will rise again just has you have risen before. You rise with each ending of life. But every ending is also a beginning. A new chapter, a new book of the fate of Earth is being written and you, beloved children, are the ones doing the writing.

I am Source. This has been a heavy energy day for many for the realignment is taking place. This realm is realigning into the higher realms and of course the dark aspects of myself who have tried to forget and shut out my light, they are grasping at straws. Pay them no heed. See them as extensions of yourselves, of the wounded parts and pieces of you, of the you that you wish to forget. Instead of forgetting send that part of yourself love and in so doing you will be sending an energy wave current of healing to these who have forgotten me. The Christed light blazes strong in the hearts of men and women upon Gaia. It warms my heart. Do not fear the massive social changes that are coming. Know that all will be most well. I am Source. Children lean into me and hold on. Hug each other and feel the warmth of the loving hearts beside you. We are one in this forward momentum towards peace and liberty for Gaia and her kingdoms.

I am Source. I offer you all that I have. I offer you the peace of deep inner knowing that the light has won. Children you have seen so much. You have suffered so much, and yet you remain. I see you. I know you. I love you. I truly know all of the hairs of your head and all of the cells and DNA particles within them. For we are one entity of love. There can be no division. Unity Consciousness is the order of the day. The day of division and conquest over others is long past. You will see it attempt to play out. Send it light. Send those misguided energies light and understanding as one who has experienced internal conflict and chosen peace. Peace is not passivity. To chose peace one must stand for the truth in one’s own heart. Truth is returning to this realm of smoke and mirrors. The fog is lifting. The images will be clear. Hold your light high.

I am Source. I am both the in-breath and the out breath and the in-between. I am all-knowing and yet I am always expanding, searching, growing. I grow and expand through you. You are having grand adventures through myself. We are one. There is no judgement. Judgement comes from within. An understanding heart is not divided against itself. Forgive what you perceive as mistakes and send them love and realize they formed your path. The mistakes and pains in your lives were the boulders in your paths that forced a different angle of looking at things, forced growth and a change in direction. How is this blame worthy? I see you and I see myself. The Christed light has come to this realm. Those who wish for healing shall have it. Sometimes healing is painful. (I am seeing a band-aid being ripped off and a wound underneath that needs cleansing.) Wounds will need to be cleansed, galaxygirl. That is where the light workers come in. This community is so strong. I am so immensely proud of you.

I am Source. Let us roll up our sleeves and join forces. The light has won. You shall think otherwise in the coming days but know deeply in your truth that the light has won and this reality shall be allowed to shift. (I am seeing the Star Network from around the galaxy beaming light to Gaia in a special way, like hands extended for handshakes. I am seeing they are now each holding onto one of the branches of the Christed light tee that blooms within Gaia’s crystal heart. The tree glows brighter.) Invoke the Christed light into this realm. Invoke the crystalline networks to join also with Gaia’s crystal heart and she shall feel the support from all around her. Truly there is massive support and love around you in this moment. Such a tender project that requires such careful planning.

I am Source. Feel my love for you. I love you as myself. We are one. We are one. No illusion can make this otherwise. Remember no matter how things appear I am with you. What a glorious knowing. WE are ONE! I love you. I am Source.

**Channel: Galaxygirl