Lightwarrior Work: The Broken Spell

lightworker eraoflightdotcomI am sometimes asked about the reality of Lightwork. To be more specific, Lightwarrior work. To the layperson, even the existence of dark forces seem to be a stretch. Having been doing this for several years, I have seen real, physical, and tangible results of energy work, including Lightwarrior work.

Shortly after starting this blog, I realised that I needed to share my spiritual experiences with others so that it would validate their own. Sometimes I am too busy with work to share as much as I like, but I think this blog on Lightwarrior work is important.

This comes as Magenta Pixie’s sources recently spoke of the critical importance of blending Lightwarrior work with general Light/Love work, and the simultaneous holding of several archetypes within oneself.

This is something I have taught each and every one of my Reiki initiates. (Reiki is the name given to a Japanese form of laying-on-hands healing. It uses Ki, otherwise called Chi or Prana to facilitate healing at all levels of being.)

Reiki directs the initiate to the Reiki Master best suited to him/her. The process of attunement to Reiki energy automatically transfers qualities of the archetypes held by the Reiki Master to the initiate.

As a Lightwarrior, this means that all my initiates are also attuned to Lightwarrior energetics in addition to the Reiki healing energies. The decision of how and when to use the Warrior archetype is a personal one.

Lighwarrior work can take different forms and each Lightworker will be called to one or more of these forms. Boots-on-the-ground demonstrations, digital warriors in the cyberspace arena, and astral takedowns are all examples of Lightwarrior work.

I am particularly called to the latter form of service, and highlight now one very recent example for the benefit of those who are called to Lightwarrior duty- in this or any other arena.

On October 20, 2020 I led a small group of Lightwarriors in a sacred Vedic ceremony aimed at breaking a dark spell that had been cast over the entire country of Trinidad & Tobago, and by extension the world.

Needless to say, we were successful. As is the norm, independent confirmation of our successes came via another channel. This time the source was Magenta Pixie in one of her latest videos- 11/11 Unification into Friday 13 November: The Dark Spell is Broken.

Most members were initiated by me, either through the traditional Guru-Shishya parampada (Guru-disciple tradition) system, or through Reiki attunements. Other members were long standing participants of my meditation group.

I put out the call for volunteers for this work at the behest of Spirit, not telling any member of the group any details other than we have a dark spell to cast out. The response was tremendous and I quickly reached capacity given the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation.

On the morning itself, I explained the situation to those gathered. I was wondering why the citizens of my beloved country were so apathetic about serious issues that affected them. Issues such as blatant and rampant corruption by government members that would have seen riots and demonstrations in other countries pass with barely a murmur.

At that time, Spirit reminded me about a conversation I had a few years ago with my Lightworker friend, Lynda. In this conversation she indicated that there was a particular dark magician who would be frequently visited by many members of government in the secrecy of nightfall. This had been going on for decades.

Spirit then showed me a dark web that had been cast across the country by this same dark magician. This was largely responsible for the apathy that I saw amongst my beloved countrymen. My task as a Lightwarrior was to dismantle it.

However, I was not to do it alone. Spirit indicated that I needed the physical presence of several other citizens in order to do so. I surmised that it had to do with collective will.

In explaining the situation, I also indicated to all gathered that dark magicians will know when their spells have been broken and are sometimes prone to retaliate.

I was not wrong in this. Retaliation would come, swift and sure.

Despite my warnings, no one had any inclination to withdraw from the task, though for most of them, this type of Lightwarrior work was brand new to them. I explained that we do not work alone, and that we are always mightily protected by numerous higher dimensional beings.

We set out to work, and as with several other major work that I participated in, I was aware that we were joined by other Lightworker groups across the world.*

I will spare the details of this work, save and except for one very important incident.

While we were connected as a group doing our work on the astral planes, I noticed one member of our group, Tom [not real name], suddenly leave the group in his astral form.

I knew that this individual sometimes found the energies overwhelming so I thought maybe this was one such instance. I continued my work in leading the rest of us in spirit to dismantle and break the dark spell.

It was only after the session when we were discussing the events on the astral plane that Tom told me what had happened. The dark magician became aware of what we were doing and travelled to the astral planes to the group. He was just standing there, observing, powerless to stop us.

I was too busy with my work to notice him, but Tom did. Without thinking Tom left the group to engage the dark magician in astral battle, beating him soundly and driving him to the safety of his home. Furthermore, Tom was able to accurately identify the physical location dark magician, despite me withholding these details from the group.

Before retreating however, the dark magician vowed to return to exact vengeance. It seemed that he was able to identify some of the members. This vengeance would come very, very quickly.

That same evening, Tom was attacked in his sleep. Fortunately, the attack was weak and Tom was shielded so he was unharmed.

He called me immediately to inform me of the situation, getting a clear intuition that the dark magician’s next target would be Rebecca [not real name]. Even as he spoke I knew the truth of his words and immediately messaged Rebecca to tell her to be especially careful with her spiritual protections.

The very next day, a van ran off the road and crashed into Rebecca’s front gate, barely missing her. It was truly a case of divine intervention. She could have been seriously hurt or even killed.

The next attack several days later was more serious. Lucy [not real name] was physically attacked by an invisible entity. An attack severe enough to leave scars and markings across her body. It also left her physically debilitated and emotionally drained for the entire day.

When she called me to report the incident I immediately did remote healing work on her. Fortunately, a couple of days later she was fully recovered, scars notwithstanding.

She explained that for some inexplicable reason she decided to take off her protective talismans that she wore about her person. This was something she never did, and still cannot explain why she was drawn to do so. It was then that the attack occurred.

On the day that we did the Lightwarrior work I explained to the group that we were not finished. I knew that the next session would be after the Divali on November 14.

I did not know why that date was significant, until Magenta Pixie’s sources gave the reason in the video link above. Apparently, the combined work of Lightwarrior groups around the world had broken the dark spell worldwide.

Our work continues and I am happy to report that there have so far been no further attacks on members of our group.

I conclude this blog as I have begun. Lightwork is extremely ‘real’ and tangible work. It is done on many levels, the astral levels being no less ‘real’ than the physical.

As Lightworkers, we have all experienced the range of archetypes during our many lifetimes. In this current one we hold all simultaneously. In particular, the integrated roles of the Warrior combined with Healer is currently essential for ascension.

Embrace the Warrior archetype now my Brothers and Sisters of the Light. Let Love, Peace, and Truth be your sword and shield. Victory for the Light is assured.