Lynne Rondell: We are on the Battlefield in the Thick of it

energy waves eraoflightdotcomIt’s Lynne coming back to you this beautiful Thursday. This is going to be a personal share today. My angels are wanting me to sit in the morning in a meditative state and they’re wanting to bring through visions to me so i sat this morning and I want to tell you about the vision that i saw and they sort of show me from angles up above, they show me from all different angles as well.

What I saw was this wall of dark energy gray black energy pushing out at all of us on the planet and I saw that it rolled closer and closer and closer to me and then I felt like I was engulfed in this black energy.

It meant to me that we’re really on the battlefield we’re really in the midst and the thick of everything going on and it it showed me that this is it, this is what we’re actually shifting the collective consciousness about, this is what we’re doing right now to actually free humanity from such a dark, we’re going to say a dark and deep state but i could also see on the other side of this wall, i could see beautiful light there was nothing bad there it was just light and then i saw everybody standing together holding hands this huge unified body of people walking through this black and we just kept walking forward and forward and we just held hands so that was we’re unifying.

We’re unifying as a collective of humanity in, you know what it looks like, one of the darkest times that this planet has had, for all the planet to be going through this at the same time, all of humanity but we’re in the thick of it. It’s like we’re on the battlefield and we’re all holding each other’s hands and we’re walking in this big half circle forward and then they showed me light being literally dumped from the heavens this white light being dumped down onto the planet onto all of us as we just keep bravely and courageously walking forward.

What my angels wanted me to see is that we are on the battlefield. They wanted to show all of us that are actually uniting as one huge unified collective divine body of light and they wanted me to not only see but to feel all this white light coming down and literally falling from the heavens down around all of us.

We’re bathed in light. We’re going through this, we’re fighting for truth, we’re fighting for our freedom, we’re fighting for justice ,we’re fighting for the rights that we should have always had on this planet that have been hidden from us for so very long and we’re pushing through and we have such huge beautiful collectives of light.

The entire angelic kingdom is just bathing us in this white light as we march forward and forward through the battlefield and then i could see on the other side of all of this, light. No more dark, they showed me that this is monumental that what we’re going through now not only as one or two countries but what we’re going through has the entire collective of humanity on this planet.

We’re going through a very dark agenda time. We’re going through very very dark energy that’s coming at us from all sides. This dark energy not only represents what you see being played out but represents all dark on the planet, negative ET dark, all of it and we were courageously and bravely hands held walking forward.

We are going to get through this. We are bathed in so much light, we are fighting for our freedom, we are fighting for our power back i’m gonna say, we’re fighting for the truth to really come out on this planet. It’s been hidden from all of us for so long but we’re doing it. We’re rolling through this. This is it, this is shifting the collective upward, this is the biggie, this is the powerful shift that we’re all here to make.

On the other side of this is light, it’s a wonderful journey to the fifth dimension and it’s our freedom. So i saw the other side, we’re in the thick of it. I saw that there isn’t any more dark coming at us. We’re fighting, we’re on the battlefield, we’re united holding hands, we’re being sprinkled with all this beautiful high vibrating light.

There’s no way we’re not going through this. We’re going to have to speak up, we’re all uniting, we’re going to have to really band together against all this dark we see out there but we’re going through it and on the other side of it as it gave me a view over the top of this wall, it’s done. We’re there, we’re then living in peace, we’re then living without these awful restrictions and control agenda that’s on us, we’re living as a unified body of love and light. We’re living finally with compassion, we’re out of fear and we’ve journeyed to the fifth dimension.

I wanted to bring this share through, to let all of you know how much help we really have and so that i could see that there’s no way, there’s no way we’re not getting to the other side of this. We’re all just sort of armoring up, we’re unifying and we’re pushing forward and we have such magnificent collectives of light and we have the entire high entire angelic kingdom that’s really just literally pushing this beautiful white light down on us all the time as we move forward.

I hope this is something to lift your spirits with know that we’re pushing through this very dark black gray energy we’re going to come out on the other side of this a united body of light and we’re going to the fifth dimension all of you.

I look forward to bringing through many more shares.

I’m sending you such love light and blessings.

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