Lyra Guardians: Earth is Free

lion feline race eraoflightdotcomBe greeted master. We are the lions guarding the lion portal to the Kingdom of Lyra. It’s been a long time since we met you great masters. Your deeds precede you.

Your love of all living things has caused the highest of the dark to withdraw their troops from the planet Gaia Nova. This is the biggest thing we’ve been through. Since the supreme commander has ruled the Earth for such a long time, no one probably thought that this could happen, without a great battle having to take place for humans to regain their planet together with Gaia.

We are very impressed. Love is a great power and a strong weapon as well. Our lord is so proud of you master and everyone is so confused that this could happen. The supreme master of the dark made his hardened heart melt with the power of love and compassion. We are all so amazed at our beautiful master who has saved humans from being completely eliminated as a species of the dark. Our Lord would not have allowed this, but it is a very big event that will go down in history.

I see these great amazing lions guarding the great portal with their beautiful decorations and their roaring is heard all over the Universe as they roar. Your own strength is like a lioness’s and as beautiful as it is strong. This courage and this strength is your hallmark, master. Even your love and truth. People can feel safe and secure that everything is going as you have intended. This will go down in history.

The lion guarding the Portal to the Kingdom of Lyran.

Many thanks …. In loving service…. I AM.

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**Channel: Inger Noren