Yeshua: Reflect

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomToday, the web of deception is becoming increasingly finely woven for those who turn their backs on God. It is the time in which everything is possible, and in which everything becomes impossible for him who turns his back on God.

So it is happening now that more and more people are opening themselves to the light and are no longer afraid to encounter the truth. So it is happening now that many people want to close themselves off and save their old lives with all their might.

It is a time full of contradictions, for what is salvation for some is doom for others.

Therefore, I instruct you to reflect completely on yourself, on your spiritual nature, and to draw strength and wisdom from it.

God meets you in your inner being and your soul is only waiting to be able to convey this encounter to you, an encounter that takes place as soon as you fully engage with God and turn completely to your unredeemed shadow.

The time has come in which the chaff is separated from the wheat. Whoever wakes up now is blessed and receives every possible support from the kingdoms of light and through God.

For God cannot escape you if you ask HIM for strength for this time, compassion for this humanity, and wisdom for yourself. Thus you awaken love in yourself and in all people.

I am the light, the life, the truth and the way. Follow me until you have arrived at God.


**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl