The 9D Arcturian Council: Better Timelines for the Future of Humanity

arcturians @ eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the new timelines that humanity has in front of you now that you are facing an increase in the number of people who are affected by the virus. Everyone is affected in the way that they need to be affected, which certainly is not the way that they want to be affected in most cases. We are talking about everyone across the entire planet, not just those who have contracted the virus.

You have all been affected, and it has stirred things up there. It has pushed lots of buttons; it has revealed what was already inside of each and every one of you. And because there have been enough of you who have responded to it with kindness and compassion, you have created some lovely timelines for humanity’s future, timelines that we know you are going to want to vibrate in harmony with. As you vibrate in harmony with one of these very positive timelines, you then find yourselves on it. It’s that simple.

This is why we tell you to stop looking for predictions about what will happen. Your free will is not just about what you do, what you think, and what you say. Your free will is about what you experience, what your future holds, especially now that you are fourth-dimensional beings, inching every day closer to the fifth. And so, these powerful new timelines are about letting go of what the virus has stirred up within you, if it is something that is of a lower vibration. And those of you who have been able to access more compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love are the ones leading the way to these much more positive timelines.

You have so much power within you, and that power to not only create a better reality for yourselves, but it is also about leading others, taking them by the hand, and taking them with you to a much better feeling future. Those of you who are not getting triggered by what is happening on your world right now are fortunate. If you are not in resistance to what is happening on your world, then you are one of the lucky ones. But it wasn’t luck at all that put you in the position that you are in. It was a choice that you made before you incarnated.

And as you move forward now because of that fortunate position that you are in, you have more of an ability to turn on the vibration within you that you want to experience. Most humans do not have that option because they either have something they need to clear, or because they have not been taught about their ability to reach within themselves and offer a vibration on purpose.

That is where you come in; you are the ones to lead with your example, and you are the ones to teach others how to release and clear all of that angst, all of that fear, all of that anger, all of that rage, and all of that hate so that they can follow you to the better-feeling timelines that have been created out of your love, compassion, and desire to serve humanity. It doesn’t take a majority of you to be offering those vibrations, but there have been enough of you to create these timelines, and there are enough of you on Earth right now to lead humanity into a much more positive and good-feeling future.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

**Source **Channel: Daniel Scranton

20 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: Better Timelines for the Future of Humanity”

  1. Donovan Tepper

    3D, 4D, 5D and all the other D’s! Stop worrying about the D’s and stay grounded in Gaia and help fight the good fight against the Dark here and now in 3D. Do you think the Cabal give a tinker’s cuss about 4D and above? It’s 3D they want to enslave and while you are worrying about all the other D’s you are not keeping your eye on the 3D ball. Raise your vibrations by all means but raise them for the purpose of helping to fulfill the Divine Plan right here in 3D to defeat the NWO. We are in a spiritual war my friends right here in 3D so that’s where our focus should be. The Kingdom of God is within us not in some far, way off dimension or density (or call it what you like – labels are just that, labels). So trust the Plan and above all trust yourself, have love and compassion for every living thing (including the Cabal) and guess what, worry and fear disappear and ascension becomes an automatic process – not something you have to work at or something you have to do. God/Goddess gave us a miraculous intelligent brain, so use discernment and good judgment with all channeling, remembering two things: first there are nefarious ET’s as well as benevolent ones; and second, entities in every dimension, like us, have their own agendas – so don’t get sucked in by everything you hear or read through channeling. On a lighter note I am grateful that the channelings on this website are free to access. Metaphysics in some respects has become nothing more than a business. I’m not saying that a person cannot earn a living through metaphysics but a person who channels has been given a gift to share with the world. A person who channels is freely given the information and should freely share it. Of course there may be expense involved in the sharing but do what the Christians do, ask for a donation. Above all have patience and trust yourself and the Divine Plan.

  2. Arch Stanton

    Douglas, I think the majority of people are sick from things they always get sick from. It is just that now they call it COVID19. You have to examine the media spells. They have to tell you the truth; it’s part of the Black Magic. The CDC admitted that according to their statistics only 6% the over 200k deaths attributed to COVID only had COVID listed as the singular cause of death. Now I don’t think that 6% even died from COVID19; they just had a positive RT PCR test and their cause of death was unknown and they did not do an autopsy to find the real cause of death they just put it down as COVID.

    The RT PCR test is the key to this fake pandemic. It is a way of amplifying RNA sequences. It does not and cannot test for a virus. It’s inventor Kerry Mullis railed against the use of PCR as a means of diagnosis. If you run 30 or more chain reaction cycles the test will show positive for any sequence of RNA used as a primer. So what we have now is a false casedemic, which is to say a so called case is anyone who gets a positive test is now a case, even if they’re perfectly healthy. They are using this false and useless test (PCR was not invented as a test)to fabricate numbers and cast in the mind of the public that there is an epidemic. Remember, the dark Archonic and physical beings on this planet alter human perception and thereby our subconscious program of reality which in turn alters the actual reality of earth.

    Remember I said they have to in some furtive or sometimes direct way let you know the truth of what they are doing; it’s part of Black magic. Deborah Birx gave a press conference and said the Federal Government is classifying any death with positive COVID test as having died from COVID19. In 94% of those cases the people dying had 2 or more comorbities. People with stage 4 Cancer who passed away and had a positive test were listed as COVID. People with heart disease, people who fell out a window, were hit by a bus or crashed in a motorcycle accident were listed as COVID deaths, all due to a test that cannot test for a virus and can be made to give the answer you want it to give.

    Do you see how this game is being played?

    There are a small amount of people who seem to be suffering from shortness of breath or lack of oxygen, hypoxia. Since no one has tried to determine the cause of this and it is has just been listed as COVID some doctors like Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan speculate it is caused by electromagnetic radiation from 5G which a tenured physics professor at Oxford called an energy weapon. Think about what we are made of. When you get down to the atomic level we are 99.99999% empty space held together by the force of ELECTROMAGNETISM. What do you think will happen to your body when subjected to very high frequency radiation that propagates through Oxygen. When they turn these 5G towers on Birds fall from the sky. Flocks of birds have actually attacked the towers.

    There has never been a scientific study showing the viral basis of disease. Kerry Mullis the Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR in the 90’s went to every proponent of HIV as the cause OF AIDS and asked them for a scientific paper based on scientific research that showed HIV caused immune deficiency and not one of these scientists or doctors could produce one, including Luc Antoine Montagnier. Viruses are not pathogens. Viruses are particles produced by cells to rid itself of toxicity. Germ theory is one of the great lies the darkness has foisted on us.

    It seems to me that many people here are under possession of the media and believe whatever comes across the carrier signal of TV.

    Repetitive sounds and phrases are spells. All these things have a frequency that resonates in the cosmos do they not. The media is the virus.

    Religion is a form of spell casting also.

    Far away
    Across the field
    Tolling on the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spell

  3. youguess46

    No virus ? Are you serious ? What do those thousands of people die of ?

    These being lie ? Did you drink too much ? They are 9D ! From 5D and up , no lie just because there are rules strictly guiding the beings there !


    The messages are from COUNCIL , from collective consciousness ! A whole race lies to us ?! Are you kidding ?

    1. Arch Stanton

      Yes, there is no virus. Just because someone claims they are in telepathic contact with Arcturians on a website does not make it so.

      I’ll be more respectful to you than you are to me in an explication of my position.

      People are possessed by the mass media. Its like being possessed by a dark entity. The media casts spells. They are casting their spells 24/7 to keep you from the truth.

      I explain the virus in another post if you’ll indulge me

    2. Anton

      People die every day from various reasons. Those thousands people dies from cancer, car accidents, heart attack, you name it.

      1. youguess47

        Obviously you are hypnotising yourself by telling there is no virus . You are living in your belief system , in your illusions . The virus samples are available to get free online . READ IT .

        1. Arch Stanton

          Oh? They’re giving away free samples of the deadliest virus in history? Hmmmm, does not sound correct.

          1. youguess48

            That’s why called ‘ sample ‘ . Otherwise would be TOP SECRET as ROSWELL .

          2. youguess49

            According to the analysis , the virus just causes dis-ease like common flu , it can be easily cured by normal health care [ meditation in the higher temperature , think about why death number drops after Mar. 21 and increases recently ? Temperature is the key ] . Another logical thinking , do you think Cabal are idiots ? Do you think they released the virus without having a well-considered thought & cure ? The virus is not that wild as media says , it is the FEAR from people making virus widespread like today . Cabal are not that stupid to put themselves in danger .

  4. David

    Why do they say we’re fourth dimensional beings? We’re clearly still third, maybe only resonating to the 4th? Our bodies and current plane we exist in seem to only be third density.

    1. sea

      From my understanding, it’s not absolute, yet. it’s as if we have a foot in 3D, our body is in 4D and our head, while mostly in 5D, vacillates between 4D and 5D and each is a level of consciousness. Until we embrace 5D fully, meeting each new challenge with love and compassion, everyday will hold vacillating energy patterns.

    2. youguess45

      3D : 7.83 Hz 4D : 8 Hz — 39 Hz 5D : 40 Hz — 100 Hz . Most people are aware of what’s happening in this world . Awareness leads to 4D , lower 4D . For density , Yes , we are in the 3rd density .

      1. David

        But 4D means fourth density? We’re clearly still in 3rd, but maybe our minds are operating at a more 4D level. If we were 4D we’d be in the Astral Plane, and we’d sure as hell notice it! Haha

    3. Anton

      When you start seeing through the veil of lies, then you become 4D. To be in 5D your self have to live from point of eternity, you have to experience that you are consciousness came to this life of many, for particular reason. As long as you experience your self as solely physical being you in 3D.

  5. Arch Stanton

    Again, this is falsehood. There is no virus. There are no viruses. Why would these beings of light perpetuate a lie. Read Dr. Tom Cowan or visit his Bitchute channel. Read “What Really Makes You Sick” by Dave Parker and Dawn Lester. Check out Dr. Andrew Kaufman and his videos on Bitchute and YouTube. These people are lightworkers. They truly are trying trying to bring the truth to light.

    Not this false information about the existence of a virus from Arcturians.

    1. Douglas A James

      Arch I have to agree something is off a Stefan Lanka proved to the German Supreme Court the measles virus does not exist and won! I am curious myself as many Light sites talk of the virus. What is making people sick Arch? Bacteria? Or nanobot?