Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Arrest of Cabal Agent in Japan Will be a Game-Changer

era of light alternative news newsWhile the U.S. remains locked in a power struggle, a game-changing opportunity is presenting itself in Japan.  On Thursday, November 26th Doctor Ryuichi Morishita will be publicly promoting a vaccine that alters human DNA to cure the provably non-existent “Covid 19” virus.  Morishita reports to senior Khazarian Mafia agent and former Goldman Sachs employee David Atkinson.  Atkinson seems to think he runs Japan on behalf of his Rockefeller and Rothschild masters.

We will be calling the U.S. military at the Yokota Air Base and the Yokosuka Naval Base to ask for military police to be deployed to arrest this man.  We urge readers to do the same.  The number for Yokota is 0425-53-6611 for local calls and 81-425-53-6611 for international calls.  The corresponding numbers for Yokosuka are 0468-16-1110 or 81-468-16-1110.

Ask to speak to a base public affairs representative and inform him or her that a war criminal, who is part of a genocidal plot, will be appearing at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan at 3:00 PM, Japan Standard Time on November 26th.  When you call the base, tell them to go up their chain of command until they reach someone at the Joint Chiefs of Staff who can check the facts and verify that yes indeed, an attempted genocide is under-way and that arresting Morishita will help to find the leaders of this genocidal plot.  A true fact-based legal investigation will of course be required subsequent to his arrest.

This is all provable information.  A trip to any real hospital will reveal the coronavirus is a giant fraud.  For those who still don’t get it, here you can see Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Adviser for Pfizer acknowledging that “we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus.”

For additional confirmation listen to top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson explain reality to government officials in Alberta, Canada in a brilliant 5-minute summary  of why we should not be tested or vaccinated and how the whole thing is a scam.

So why are they trying to vaccinate us all for something even the CDC publicly admits they cannot prove exists?

If that fails to convince the U.S. military to take action, then they should listen to the testimony of the Red Dragon Family Ambassador, who reports to the people who really control communist China.

The Ambassador, in a one-hour talk with me and the staff of the Goldfish report, was asked why China stopped exporting all items to the U.S. in February and then resumed again in August.  He said they were offered payment by the cabal in real estate, including Australia and New Zealand.

We have also re-confirmed with the Asian secret societies that China was offered a United States of China, including Korea and Japan, in exchange for supporting a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidency.

In other words, arresting Morishita and his bosses Heizo Takenaka plus David Atkinson is necessary for the security of U.S. forces in Japan and Korea, not to mention Australia and New Zealand.  Failure to act on this provable, actionable intelligence will lead to court-martial and possible criminal charges.

Now, let us look at what is happening elsewhere in the world.

The U.S. remains deadlocked in a bitter power struggle.  Since the details of this struggle have been reported elsewhere, we will not go into them here.  However, we would like to inform U.S. patriots that Japanese military intelligence estimates the Khazarian Mafia has about 1 million members in the U.S.  Their leadership is concentrated at the top management levels of the Fortune 500 companies.  Many of their henchmen meet at Synagogues of Satan disguised as Jewish places of worship.  Concentrate on the people who are on the boards of multiple multi-national corporations in order to decapitate their leadership and cut off their money.

The move to cut off the Khazarian Mafia’s funding worldwide is proceeding smoothly.  As we previously reported, they have already lost control of the SWIFT international inter-bank payments system.  They are also now being deprived of their ability to launder money through stock markets.  This is being reported in the news as “glitches” that are shutting down stock markets in Europe, the far East, and now Australia.

There is also a fight by Russian, Turkish, and other forces to prevent the Khazarian Mafia from stealing oil revenue in the Middle East.

Russian FSB sources say Turkey and Russia have reached some kind of deal.  According to this source, the entire so-called war between Armenia and Azerbaijan supposedly pitting Muslims backed by Turkey against Christians backed by Russia was simply an event staged “to promote a giant arms bazaar.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hints at this in a commentary reported in the official Russian news agency Tass.

It is clear that these nations are working together to fill a vacuum that will remain in the region if the US ceases its operations in the region. By 15 January next year at the latest, Washington announced the withdrawal of troops to 2,500 men in Afghanistan and 2,500 in Iraq.

While some details of the Russian-Turkish deal are still unclear, our FSB sources say that Russia is trying to provide security to African nations.

The following article shows a kind of Russian-Turkish division of African spheres of influence at the expense of France, the traditional Western top power in Africa.

Speaking of France, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is now facing a public trial for various crimes. He was one of the original conspirators of the Nazi coup d’état of November 9.

He also ran France from 2007 to 2012 and knows where many of the bodies are buried. Sarkozy was also deeply involved in the international narcotics business.

On this front, we note that Mexico has begun to take decisive action against the CIA-led drug trade there.

Their government threatened to expel all U.S. agents from the country unless it released a Mexican general who would have to stand trial in the U.S. They made it clear that only Mexico has the right to prosecute people who commit crimes in Mexico.

The country is also in the process of legalizing drugs in order to take money away from the underworld. This naturally includes a large part of the US underworld, especially the former Bush crime syndicate in Texas.

The crackdown on drug networks also casts a new light on the use of submarines by transnational criminals.

The Nazis and Japanese militarists who went underground at the end of World War II used submarines to smuggle weapons and drugs to help rebuild their armed forces in the postwar period. This reconstruction culminated in the Nazi coup d’état in the United States on September 11, 2001.

The submarines were also used to carry out the March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima, Japan. In addition, submarines controlled by the Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia have been used in several attempts to start World War III in recent years.

A particularly notable example was when a renegade Israeli submarine fired a nuclear missile at Hawaii in 2018 in an attempt to start World War III by blaming North Korea for the attack. The missile was intercepted by U.S. forces and the submarine in question was sunk, Pentagon sources reported at the time. It is to be hoped that the public will soon be informed about this, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced on Sunday that he has appointed a government commission of inquiry to investigate the Israeli procurement of submarines and other naval vessels in the so-called submarine affair.

The public begins to wake up anyway.

For example, here are some tweets from Glenn Greenwald, a mainstream corporate journalist who is going through a similar mental process to the one I went through after leaving Forbes Magazine:

CNN and NBC and others now use small corridor guards whose sole purpose is to pressure other platforms to censor or block the voices that are most threatening to them. This is not journalism: it is the suppression of dissent.

This is their function: it is vital to see that NBC News is a huge corporate conglomerate that has always existed to disseminate propaganda for the U.S. government, the CIA and corporations. When NBC propagandist Ben Collins tried to chastise him, Greenwald replied:

Does your activity there ever give you the idea that your self-image as a courageous, intrepid journalist who opposes corrupt power centers could be a fraud? – Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) November 16, 2020

For many of these corporate propagandists, it is difficult to take a principled stand like Mr. Greenwald because they know they are likely to end up like those people in Texas who queue up in their cars for food.

In any case, it is not only business journalists who are waking up. Last week Lin Wood, lawyer for Donald Trump, said
Br> This country will be shocked when it learns the truth about who has occupied the Oval Office for several years.

You will be shocked at the extent of pedophilia. You will be shocked by what I believe will be a revelation regarding people who have dedicated themselves to satanic worship.

Even if we do not want to reveal operational details while the battle rages, we can say that a major reorientation is taking place at the highest levels of Western secret societies.

These include such groups as the Freemasons of the Scottish Rite, the Russian Secret Societies, the Illuminati, the Knights of Malta, the P3 Freemasons, etc. What we can say is that the White Hats win decisively and this will be very good news for the people and the creatures on this planet.

However, in a sign that the battle is not over yet, the Davos Economic Forum, the people behind Fukushima, etc. are trying to get a better understanding of the situation. are trying to confiscate funds earmarked for saving the planet while pretending to put on a nice face by saying

We must create completely new foundations for our economic and social systems …

Instead of using these funds and the investments of private companies and pension funds to fill cracks in the old system, we should use them to create a new system that is more resilient, fairer and sustainable in the long run.

It sounds good until you realize that they are also calling for the COVID 19 crisis to be used to advance diagnostics, therapeutics and possible vaccines, to set up test centers, to create mechanisms for tracing infections and to offer telemedicine.

Since COVID is fictional, this seems to be an excuse for high-tech totalitarianism.

In conclusion, this week I would like to state that we must not lose sight of what makes us human and remember far more important goals: to live a long and healthy life and to turn this planet into a paradise for all living beings.

We see positive developments that investigate how natural processes can cure diseases and reverse the biological aging process in humans.