Aita Channeling Her Higher Self: Planet Earth, the Training Simulator Program for Humanity to Learn Greater Love

full moon eraoflightdotcomToday, November 20th, 2020, the shift of planet earth out of the third dimensional fear frequency, continues. The alignment of the planets, the procession of the equinox has reached the stage where nothing can stop what is happening on planet earth today.

We are at the end of an epoch, the end of an era. Planet earth, the prison planet, the training simulator program for humanity to learn greater love, is moving out of its heavy entrenchment in the low fear frequency.

This world has not been a happy place. It was not meant to be so. We humans, Divine Souls ensconced in human body temples, volunteered to come here to experience what was not.

There is only love. Love, pure Divine Agape love is what we, what our Souls truly are. God is love, the flow of the Divine electro magnetic energy that powers all that is, the spiritual and the material realm.

God is as an ocean of consciousness. We Divine Souls are as a drop of water in that ocean of God Consciousness. We are fragments of Divine essence, particles of the consciousness that animates the world.

In our human beingness we have taken on a challenging journey. For planet earth and the human condition were created in order for Divinity, for us, as the precious particles of Divinity that we are, to experience the opposite of love, that is, fear.

In the heavenly reality of the angelic realm there is nothing but love. Love is all that is, love imbues all that is, love is consciousness, holy awareness, Divine connection. Love connects to love, fragments of God connect to fragments of God, humans connect to humans in holy resonance.

Yet love too has more to experience, more to learn. And so the material realm, the universe and planet earth were created. Human bodies were created that they might be a communication device for Souls to connect with each other in this earthly vibration.

In the Spirit realm we Souls are all a part of one great and wonderful unity. We are telepathic, we are one in our knowing and being and loving. We are filled with joy and bliss, peace and gratitude. These are the Divine qualities of God, of Consciousness.

Yet the Divine, All That Is, God wished to expand, to experience what was not. And so planet earth and the human journey came into existence.

Here on earth a dream a nightmare was to be lived through. Fear, that opposite of love that does not really exist, was to be experienced. And so, everything was to be topsy turvy and the opposite of what really was true.

And so, what was love was to appear fearful, and what was fearful was to appear as love. The attributes of love, joy, bliss, compassion, peace, gratitude, wisdom, discernment, were to be set aside, and the attributes of fear to take their place.

Fear, with its anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, blame, shame guilt and more negative feelings, was to be experienced in the deepest way.

How can one know what it is like to be rich, unless one has experienced poverty? How can one know the value of health, until one has known disease? So it is with love and fear.

And, so the training simulator program of planet earth for mankind to experience fear, came into being. And the controllers the shadow government, the illuminati came into being, came to planet earth to play the part of the dark, the part of the devil, of satan.

They were to be the teachers of fear. They were created heartless, for they were to manipulate and maneuver mankind, to control him, to torture him psychologically and physically to put him into fear.

Strange to say after all the fearful and challenging experiences and negative emotions we have experienced in our human journey, strange to say, but nothing wrong ever happened here on planet earth.

Our human journey from fear to love is what we came to earth, with joy in our hearts, to experience. Here, we have lived in puzzlement and confusion.

Our controllers have taught us to think the thoughts that they have indoctrinated into us by repetition and hypnotic suggestion. In our human journey through life, we took on the cultural morality of those who birthed us through their often repeated words and phrases.

We were taught to think ill of ourselves, we were taught to think we were sinful and inadequate in every way. We were put down by snide expressions, jealous comments, hurtful prods and pokes from our caretakers.

We were taught to fear all around us. Stay safe, drive carefully, don’t go out in the dark, carry a gun, fight war, fight abortion, fight abuse. The subtle and not so subtle sayings that constituted, made up our reality.

Oh yes, we have lived through fear. We have, in exemplary fashion, lived through our challenging and danger filled human journey. For the controllers truly had no heart.

They have poured poison over us in every way possible. All of our systems, governmental, religious, banking, medical and educational have been devised to confound us, poison us and keep us in slavery and ignorance.

We have been as lambs led to the slaughter, as cattle herded this way and that at the whim of our controllers, at the whim of those who play the part of Satan.

And to accomplish this, planet earth was made into a prison planet. She, and her human inhabitants, were to exist in a low vibration, where love, in its true agape form, could not be accessed.

This then is the third dimensional fear frequency that we humans have experienced in this earthly journey. Love, could not be accessed for the negative indoctrination created the ego for humanity.

The ego, which is our sense of self esteem our sense of self conceit, of self importance. The ego which is the thoughts and ideas of those who brought us into this world and then educated us into their fear filled world view.

And under the direction of the filter of the ego we navigate our human journey. How confounding, how confusing, how impossible is that. We live our human life according to the mystifying directions of our parents and caretakers under the confusing rules and regulations of our dark controllers, under the direction of the devil of satan.

No wonder the human condition is so challenging. Yet it is also quite wonderful. For it is by this entrainment, by living through this hell on earth, that we have grown ourselves into greater love.

We have achieved what we set out to achieve. In human form, we have rejected our ego, examined our thoughts and ideas, questioned everything, and broken through to the love that we truly are.

We have connected with our Soul and so left our human entrainment behind. We are now, compassion, wisdom, discernment, peace, joy,, bliss, gratitude and we feel true agape, Spiritual love flowing through us.

Yes all is well on planet earth today. Nothing can stop what is happening now. Humanity is returning to love having carried through its mission impeccably.

The great revelation of the deception perception of the planet earth journey is at hand. Planet Earth was designed as a place where fear could be experienced in the depths of degradation and pain.

And so it has been, and so we great Souls are graduating, we are returning to love. Planet earth is inevitably and inexorably moving out of the low third dimensional frequency, back into the fifth dimension that supports the love frequency.

How great how wonderful is that. Awe and delight fill our hearts, for we know all is well. We are Divine Souls, Spirits who go on for ever and ever. We are eternal and we are all the greater and more understanding for our earthly human experience.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.