Ashtar: Situation Update

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomMe: Ashtar, what’s going on with Trump and Biden?
A: Hello Sharon. I see you’re tired so I’ll be brief.
Me: They’re fighting it out in court but Biden isn’t even slowing down. Even though he knows he’s a crook, the vote count is false, he’s still going ahead as if he won. Why is he doing that?
A: Because he is a liar.
Me: What does he stand to get from doing this? What is he playing at?
A: It hasn’t been conceded yet, Sharon.
Me: Okay. So he’s acting like he still has a chance.
A: He will not back down, Sharon. He will insist he won long past the day that Trump takes office. If you don’t see it, there’s a fight for the white house, the actual building itself. The one who sits in that chair gets to make the decisions for the country and remember the Deep State still has a lot of its infrastructure in place.
Me: He’s not going to back down.
A: No. It will have to be done by force. He will be forced to back down. He and the democrats. There will be an actual fight over the white house. If you’ve noticed there are guards around the white house and fencing has gone up. Security has tightened down.
Me: I don’t live there but it wouldn’t surprise me.
A: He’s not planning on conceding anything. He’s not planning on being defeated. There will have to be a battle. Ivo predicted a civil war for America perhaps, well this would be it.
Me: Oh God.
A: Biden and the Democrats are not going to give in unless they are arrested. The only way to eliminate them from this race is to arrest them.
Me: Okay, I’m good with that.
A: You understand that this is the battle for the Deep State or freedom of humanity being played out in this electoral battle.
Me: Yes.
A: That is it. Right there: the dark versus the Light personified in Biden and Trump, and Democrat vs Republican.
Me: Sorry, I was distracted thinking about my post. It wasn’t written the way I’d intended and it’s like someone changed the text.
A: That wouldn’t surprise me.
Biden isn’t worried about what is legal. He simply wants the control over the country and he’s willing to bring in the Chinese army to get it.
Trump is aware of this. Don’t worry.
Me: I worry.
A: Well, don’t. He’s aware of this and has his forces ready. They’re being arrested already as we speak.
Me: This is hard to imagine.
A: Well, that’s what’s happening. Don’t worry, many of the world’s forces are backing Trump.
Me: Some aren’t.
A: No, but we are as well. The Light stands behind Trump and we won’t allow him to lose grasp of the presidency. He won it fairly and squarely, and he’s not to give up control to any criminals.
Me: Okay, thanks, Ashtar. I’m just flabbergasted because nobody is stopping this narrative of the Demoncrats winning.
A: It’s because there’s no way the people of earth will support their win unless they lie about it. The people have to be lied to, otherwise they’re out.
Me: Okay, thank you.
A: Adonai.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart