Yeshua: Strengthen Your Bond With God

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomWalk every path with God, place every undertaking under the care of God, be connected with God in everything and deepen your relationship with God in difficult moments.

Difficult moments, crises and great challenges are key events that invite you to test your relationship with God, strengthen your bond with God and complete your love for God.

Nothing happens without a reason, everything is filled with meaning – it is up to the person to recognize this.

In the time to come, the relationship with God will be the characteristic by which awakened people will recognize themselves.

An intimate relationship with God will navigate people through the storms that are coming now, will offer protection and make unbearable situations bearable for people.

Mistakes, assaults, inhumanity will spread further. In this phase of transition it is important to stay with oneself and never lose hope or courage. This time also passes and what comes after it is the most wonderful age in human history.

Forces that want to prevent the resurrection of mankind are now throwing everything into the balance. Therefore you see – wherever you look – manipulations and restrictions. Fears are omnipresent and many people can no longer find their way out of the fear spiral.

They willingly follow the guidelines of this system, which is based only on exploitation and lack of love. They do this out of ignorance or in the false belief that if they participate or submit, they will find peace.

But this calm never returns, because the dark and malicious eats its way through a healthy organism until it is completely damaged and useless.


You are currently experiencing this on a planetary as well as on an individual level. Everywhere, life energy is being withdrawn from the earth and from individual people.

In this darkest phase of upheaval it is necessary to guard the inner light, to keep the flame of knowledge and love. It is the greatest treasure a person can dispose of.

So ask God for help, get the help you need from the bright realms. Do not hesitate for a moment to connect with God and your spiritual family beyond the veil.

Real is what you perceive inwardly, not what you can see with your eyes.

– You will safely bridge this time and return to the light.

– You were created for this time and you possess all the weapons to deal with the darkness.

– You are, even if abysses open up, able to cope with this worsening situation on earth.

– You were born to live, to live eternally; you came here to carry your light, so that it may become lighter everywhere.

– You are the way, the truth and the life. If you believe in it, you are invincible, and the proofs that confirm this belief will not be long in coming.

– You are God’s instrument in this world.

– You are the child of God and are under His protection.

By the power of your divine consciousness nothing and nobody can harm you – it is time that you remember this now.

God never forgets you, God never distances himself from you, God is omnipresent in your life. In this certainty you shall live.

So go, beloved one, and strengthen the bond between you and God! I love you infinitely.


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl