Goddess of Creation: Connection to Gaia’s Heart Center

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomNama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

With all that is happening upon the earth, I wish to remind you that the earth itself is having a pivotal reaction upon the universe. So too, the reflection goes both ways. The Ascension of your universe is affecting what is happening upon the earth.

Many people have very divided opinions about what is taking place; from that political perspective, you have a wide divergence of what is taking place. In a human perspective many people are being nudged to consider new and different ideas and what happens is that when that takes place when people are asked or being nudged, for many it causes them to shut down so that they may stay in a place that they recognize.

The Ascension of the earth has taken place; what needs to happen in order for humanity to go along with Gaia and to be comfortable with Gaia and for the planet to be stable is that these long embedded energies of control and manipulation need to be released. Some of that control and manipulation is seen through lies, treachery; well deceit, and lies. It is being enacted in what you see or read about or hear.

When you have a large number of people that vibrate at a particular level they gravitate towards what supports that be it friends, the media and these individuals are the ones that I mentioned at the beginning that remain at a vibration that in some ways is shut down.

The vibration of the fifth dimension is a vibration of love. I’ve spoken for easily 10 years if not 12 about the fifth-dimensional vibration being aligned with your heart center. And over these past 10 years, many of you have had experiences that have caused you as a person to experience growth that allows your heart to open up. The energy bodies that are throughout your body all need to be opened and they vibrate and they spin so as to support you. This is how you are receiving information that may be through your intuition; it may be that inner knowing that so many of you have.

I, therefore, wish to take this moment and ask you while you’re here and fully conscious; what is happening within your heart center? Let’s consider your heart and what it represents. The basic functioning of your life as it pumps the blood through your body it represents your emotions. Your solar plexus also represents your emotions and your gut instinct but within your heart center, the emotions of love and compassion are the key elements.

It does more than that. I acknowledge that this is what I wish to focus on right now love and compassion directed inward is how are you to yourself. Are you harsh? Are you judgmental? Are you critical? And then the other aspect of your heart center is reflected outward. Do you look at the people around you? Do you tap into society with love and compassion or being judgmental, mad, anxious? Because there is a direct relationship and sometimes it’s about looking how you look at others and how you treat others is actually how you are treating yourself and looking at yourself and I wished for everyone to consider that as you’re here, in this space.

Take a deep breath in and breathe all the way down through your physical body and send that beam of light into the earth. As that energy moves down into the earth it spreads out in different directions so as to anchor you.

As you anchor, your own energies take a moment to let Gaia just flow her love and her awareness into you. All of that flows back up within you swirling through your heart center and then you send it upward. It moves through your energy bodies and out through the top of your head.

As it moves upward you find yourself aligning first of all with your higher self. Within this space you can look around, you can feel your expanded energy; you can also feel who you are as the human. Allow yourself to find the balance of what that is. That thread of energy that links you to your divinity then continues upward and you send your conscious thought and your focus up through that thread of energy until you connect with your divinity or your I AM Presence.

Look around. This is an aspect that is changing as your own energy changes to expand.

The more that you visit your own divinity you will begin to recognize past lives as they have impacted you within this space. You may recognize aspects of yourself that are living out within the universe perhaps in some of those other places where the Ascension is taking place. Through your divinity, you may also connect with aspects of you that are living in the future.

The reason that it is important for you to utilize this as a means of understanding who you are, is because the more that you understand that you yourself are these massive soul energies the more you recognize you have resources that are available to you-

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are present. I reach out to merge my energies with yours so that we may shift into the All That Is.

Look around at what this is. You may see some of your own lifetimes that are played out in front of you. You may see things that are happening upon the earth played out in front of you. The All That Is is a place of creation.

You create potentials for your own life, you create opportunities for how you will live your life. In all this is a place for you. This is a place for you to come and know that unconditional love is available for you.

Within this space let us touch back into love and compassion.

Take a moment and consider your life in particular how you personally are perceiving or you perceive who you are. Take a moment to consider where is love within your life.

I saw such a wide range of the answers; some of you that were just blossoming energy that rolled and expanded; others of you with a lesser degree and still others that felt as if they did not have love within their life.

Doesn’t that represent your life upon the earth? You have many extremes and then those that fall somewhere between those two extremes.

As the person that you are and as you take this moment and you’ve just considered love within your life, take a moment to consider, was this love that you were giving to others or was the love that others were giving to you? And for those that felt a lack did that lack of love come from others not giving love to you or you not giving love to them or perhaps both?

As a society when you see such extremes of people’s belief systems perhaps judgment of one another, love is not as evident. I would therefore ask you to begin by opening up and just feel the wash or the flow of love from your divinity into you. Many of you have gotten very good at this because we’ve done it a number of times.

I ask you though to be particular and understand that this is love that is for you from you. There we go. In some, I could see it shifted the energies and in many, I saw an opening up and or and expansion of the flow.

Consider your heart chakra or energy center and with this flow and this alignment of love that we have spoken about go within you and feel. Does it feel like your energy center is moving? Does it feel like it’s barely moving as if it’s a flower that is opening up?

When you have an understanding of what it feels like for your heart center to open let that wash through your mental body so that you may have an understanding.

I can now see even for those that did not have as much of an opening at first that there is a much greater flow into and around everybody’s heart center.

I would like you now to kind to open up the door. I opened up the curtain so to speak so that you may see the earth in front of you.

Gaia has chakras or energy bodies just as you a human does. Some consider the heart center and I believe the word is Glastonbury in England. Shelly said that wrong. However at this time Gaia is opening up energy bodies that may be perceived as a vortex throughout the entire world and I ask you with your own heart center open and then feeling that flow or that pulsation of love and light that comes from you as you’re looking at Gaia, open up to feel an alignment that you can create so that you may tap into the heart center of the earth.

I see many go to particular places around the earth. Wherever you feel drawn is exactly where you need to go. If you do not have a particular idea then simply open to the heartbeat or the heart center of Gaia and your intention is all that it takes.

I can see how some of you have a deep, deep well of energy and balance and you can literally feel or hear or sense the heartbeat of the earth. When you connect with Gaia in such a way you know that all is well. Gaia is stable.

That does not mean that things won’t change or improve, absolutely everything is changing at light speed right now.

As we are focusing upon this I can see more and more portals opening up in various parts of the earth and more and more of the balanced heart center is coming to the surface from within Gaia.

If there is a particular place in the world that you think perhaps needs more of that heart center opening then allow your focus to go to wherever that may be. Some of you may consider family members or loved ones. As you open from that place of your heart center being wide open from within the All That Is and aligning with Gaia you have massive potentials for what you may manifest.

Consider your life. This is all now beginning to move kind of in the background, you are still connected heart-to-heart with Gaia; however, I ask you to bring your focus a little bit back into the All That Is so that you may move from a global perspective into your personal perspective. And as you consider living your life in a heart-centered manner, is there anything that you seek to manifest?

As you consider whatever that may be put forth the intention that as you are within this flow of light, love, balance, everything that is your heart center allow that to enhance whatever it is that you seek to have and we won’t go as deeply but take a moment now that you have created something for yourself and send it into the flow of Gaia and the earth energies will assist you.

I heard you, someone said; “Doesn’t Gaia have better things to do than assist me with what I seek to manifest?” Yes and no.

By tapping into the vibration of Gaia that is Gaia’s heart center you are allowing yourself to be in a flow that is already there and you are helping Gaia because you strengthen it every time you align and send in your own love and light. And through that connection all of those energies are there and they will automatically help you. When you are in the fifth dimension and higher you are in limitless love. The more love there is the more love there is. The more that you send that support that not only strengthens you through your own connection to your divinity the more that you then turn around and send that into Gaia and everything else the more it creates for you. You’re in the flow, you have the support, you are already doing it and when it shifts from something that you are unconscious about into what you are conscious about that lifts everything up even higher.

Consider the higher vibration. Consider as you look at all of this that you have just experienced and then consider the corruption, the control, the manipulation that is been exposed to the world and that will lead to the transformation of it look at the contrast of what that is. For some it’s black-and-white, for others there is a great deal of gray and it’s hard to tell one from the other.

The greater your flow of heart-centered high vibration the easier it will be for you to discern what supports and what does not. Anything based in corruption, lies, controlling, is not in the best interest of the whole and everything we have done this evening is what is supporting the whole.

Have you considered Ascended Masters? You have those ascended Masters that you have learned from, that you have considered. What did that mean? What made them an Ascended Master? They lived upon the earth; they moved up through the vibrations, they mastered living on the earth as they ascended to a higher vibration. And you my beloved family; what are you doing? You are living on the earth as you master the energy and the vibration of shifting and moving and growing. Many of you were already Ascended Masters but we are adding thousands to the legions as we speak. And yes I speak of you. Take in a deep breath and let that percolate through your awareness.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so we form somewhat of a circle and you see that hologram of the earth come up but you continue to have that alignment with Gaia. It is as if it gets toned down, it’s probably not wide-open the whole time but you are linked, you are aligned and therefore it will never go away. You may tap into that at any point that you so choose. And as you continue to send that focused intention into the earth or into the hologram you let go that energy. You can see the portion that goes out balancing throughout your universe and the remainder that goes down it moves through the collective consciousness, it moves through the energy matrix and it goes all the way down into the center of the earth.

As that happens it’s anchoring, is moving in different directions and then it comes up through the earth itself. Through your own alignment with Gaia feel that energy comes up within you. Feel the connection of Gaia as she supports you through your heart center in living your life.

That heart-centered vibration comes up into every individual upon the earth. It comes up into the energy in between the people. It is theirs to choose or not to recognize; however, it is there and available for every single person.

I invite you bring the remainder of your own consciousness back down within you. Feel how your energy bodies expand. Look around at your life. You looked at the beginning and I ask you to look again. Is there anything that has changed? Consider for a moment where you had aligned with the heart center of Gaia so that you can once more feel that pulse of Gaia and know that you are connected supporting her as she supports you.

Take a deep breath and allow your energies to come back within this moment.

As the world continues to transform moving, living, experiencing what it is to be in a higher light vibration allows your perceptions to find the ways in which you have support. In tonight’s journey, you opened up to your own heart center opening to feel the flow and the love. You opened up to Gaia’s heart center feeling that flow and that love. It is always there and available to you.

I would therefore invite you to let that become a part of your day that as you connect to Gaia more fully is a way of anchoring you and then you are still bringing in your higher light vibration every time you meditate, every time you open to the energy of the universe, anytime that you open to love in and around you.

Beloved so much is taking place right now. There’s confrontation, there’s resolution, there is the perception of the negativity, there’s the perception of the love and support. Life is about the many, many, many blends of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and living experiences. Be in the flow, be in that awareness, and allow for everything to be that which supports you then and know that you are ever loved.

Beloved, I am ever with you and within you.


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