Gratitude Helps Your Soul

gratitude eraoflightdotcomToday (Nov 26) on Thanksgiving many of you will be thinking about what you are grateful for and that is something I have been thinking about too. So many times we don’t feel that gratitude in our lives. When things are good in our lives, many times we just move forward and we forget about gratitude.

But when you give gratitude it does something else to you as well. It opens you spiritually, it helps your soul to step forward and you become more of the spiritual person, more full of peace. That is one thing I hear from people, when they recognise gratitude in their lives, they realise it has brought them so much peace within themselves. That is something we all need. Gratitude changes your life.

We all can give gratitude for the wonderful things or even for some things that we believed were bad in our life but they turned out good in the end. We ended up in the right place for ourselves and for others.

The angels are telling me there are many ways of saying thanks, sometimes it can be just a little smile or telling someone you love them. Maybe you are really feeling gratitude today and you want to do something a little bit bigger to give back. You are saying to yourself, wow, I can’t believe things have turned out so well in the end, even though it might have taken a long, long time. You recognise it and you are so grateful. Well, you could plant a tree and you could watch it grow or you can think of the world in a sense like a tree and its growth and you can give back to the world like that as well. Do something good in the world and watch it grow too.

The angels have shown me that when you give gratitude and you return it, your soul comes forward and it comes back to you as well. Others in the world will give that gratitude back to you too.

One other thing the angels have always taught me about giving back and my grandmother used to say it too, is to give with a pure heart and expect nothing in return. That is important to remember too.

So today on Thanksgiving I would like to give thanks for something very dear to my heart, something you have planted which continues to grow.

Blessings, Lorna

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