James Gilliland: Several Questions to Answer

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomWhy did the outbreak in China end without a vaccine and why is no one talking about it?

Why did Fauci write a paper about the Spanish Flu saying it was not the flu that killed so many it was bacterial pneumonia from the masks breathing in their own expelled bacteria?

Why did countries that did little or nothing, no lockdowns mask requirements flatten the curve and are now finished with the epidemic due to herd immunity?

Why does the recommended mask box say will not protect from Cov-19 and why are they saying masks will NOT protect you from smoke when a virus is 1000 times smaller?

Why did the creator of the Covid test state it is unreliable and should not be used, why was he killed shortly thereafter?

How did 200 tests turn up positive when they were sent in by a team of suspicious doctors and nurses unused, and why did a goat and a pau pau fruit test positive in Africa?

What are the consequences of lockdowns, shutting down businesses, forced masks, mentally, socially and economically?

Latest evidence is showing we have a .0001 percent chance of catching and dying from Covid, it is less deadly than previous flus while we still need to protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems or previous conditions why the lockdowns and mandatory masks now?

Why is the spike going up and the deaths going down could it be the massive testing with fraudulent test kits and why did some governors of democratic states force infected people into rest homes and hospice care facilities?

Is there a plan to take down America, destroy the economy, decrease the population, introduce socialism, who is financing it, executing it and how do lockdowns, closing businesses, forced masks fit into this plan?

Last question is who stands to make billions with mandatory or forced vaccinations, do they believe in eugenics, population control, what is in the vaccinations and why have so many died or had adverse effects to the vaccinations?

All freedom loving health conscious people need to research and answer these questions no matter what party or affiliation. It is time for critical thinking, do your own research and do not depend on the pathological liars in main stream media or social media and their fakecheckers.