Fast Timeline Shifts

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomMassive and Fast timeline shifts occurring now and crossing paths. You might find yourself in the midst of one timeline and all its experiences and then in comes another…equal sense of realities

The Time of Vast Expansion

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomExpansion is the Key Phrase on Intergalactic and Universal Levels now, as the New Earth is accelerating into the 7th Dimensional state and indeed, access is granted to those who are ready to receive

First Contact Made

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomNo I’m not talking about ETs. I’m talking about first contact with this next level and section of incoming NEW Divine Mother diamond crystalline Christ Aquarian Age energies. And just so there’s not

Guardian Angels

the angelics eraoflightdotcomEveryone is allocated a Guardian Angel to look after them through all their incarnations. They are our loving companions, constantly watching over us. Our Guardian Angels hold the picture

The Path of Light

new sun higher lightThe origin of our Path of Light is found within the Universal Realm of Timelessness. During our meditations – within our personal state of quiet and stillness – no time is experienced and no space

Phone Home

eraoflight blastHow you like January 2021 so far?! These first weeks of 2021 have felt like a strange nonlinear lifetime. Many of you sensed in 2020 that 2021 would not magically turn into an everything’s okay now! year