The Time of Vast Expansion

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomExpansion is the Key Phrase on Intergalactic and Universal Levels now, as the New Earth is accelerating into the 7th Dimensional state and indeed, access is granted to those who are ready to receive this, to the most sacred knowledge which has not been accessible, or even comprehendible to those in the Old Earth and the 3D.

Indeed, the Spiral of Creation, holds within it the Great Central Suns, and Multiple Universes and multiple tiers of existence. There are 352 levels of Divinity, and each level holds within it, multiple dimensional existences and multiple tiers or octaves of Divine Knowledge, and Divine Sacred Teachings. Indeed, each tier has different levels of advanced souls working and existing in these.

In our Universe there are tiers of Knowledge and Tiers of Sacred Teachings, which are overseen by the Elohim and the Elohim Counsels and the Universal Logos as well as the various tiers of Ascended and Higher Ranking Masters who work on Universal, Galactic, Solar and Planetary Levels. (I am just giving the basics here for it is much vaster than this – indeed words fail me.)

At this momentous time, as the New Earth is being created in a much higher dimensional vibrational frequency band, many of the Universal Masters, under the leadership of Lord Melchizedek, and the Universal High Counsel of Melchizedek, and The Ancient of Days, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and the Universal Counsels of Universal Masters are overseeing the creation of the New Earth and the creation and rising of the new humanity, in a much higher light-body form and thus a much higher evolutionary way of life and living.
Indeed the forces of expansion and the new creation are unstoppable and thus no matter what is seemingly going on in the 3D and Old Earth, can change events on Universal scale, for planet earth is but the tiniest spec of dust, within the greater Cosmic Whole and thus what has been decreed Omni-Versally cannot be changed in any form or way.

It is entirely up to each individual soul now, where they truly wish to live and be, as each soul has free will and choice. Note that every soul indeed signed an agreement that they would partake in an experiment on Earth, and indeed they now can choose to finally move past this agreement in the Old Earth which only exists in holographic form and not in reality anymore. That is entire up to each soul.

Yet, those souls who truly can leave the old behind (no baggage from the Old Earth and 3D allowed), will indeed and are already co-creating the New Earth.

I often stand in awe and wonder when I experience this every single day. For indeed, the opportunity is in the here and now, to start creating a totally new reality, in which there is peace and harmony and unconditional love within yourself, as the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed within yourself and not outside of yourself, and thus create a total new reality for yourself and the way you live your life now. Indeed, you embrace your own Divinity – as step fully in the truth of the Universal Soul you indeed are!

More than this, when there is harmony and unity within yourself and unconditional love, you can finally create and experience this OUTSIDE of yourself. This indeed, is Soul Mastery to the highest degree.

I am so often reminded, and I share this with my students, of the Zen master who told his students, as he sat down on the floor in the lotus position, to try and move him, lift his arms and lift him to his feet. No matter how hard the students tried, and all of them, they could not lift any part and particle of him even fractionally!

“This is mastery!” said the Zen master, “when nothing and no one can move you, for you stand fully in your soul mastery and thus become an immovable force at will!”

We will even be able to expand on the Zen master’s abilities as we remember Universal Mastery and how to live in the New Earth, as the Golden Age dawns – the Age of Unity, Harmony and Peace.

Seek and ye shall find!

Knock and Doors will be opened!

Open the Sacred Heart which is the Portal to all Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and the Highest Unconditional Love.

Leave behind everything – and you will find life and life more abundantly in the New Earth.

What a Divine Gift!

Judith Kusel