Galactic Fleet Command: Expectations and Possibilities

fleet command eraoflightdotcomWhen this channel read a message from another channel that spoke of divine intervention to bring forth the results of the Presidential Inauguration that had been so desired and expected by the Children of Light on the 20th of January, she had to question what should be her response to this new announcement.

The resultant response is being shared in this message to you, Dear Ones. The response is what we shall call ‘Expectations and Possibilities’.

To reiterate what most of you already know, expectations are based on personal desires and imaginings – (perhaps a bit of fantasizing or dreaming also) – and can lead to great disappointment, and even disillusionment, when not fulfilled.

Possibilities, on the other hand, are based on having an open mind to the fact that anything is possible. This means that one can aid in the co-creating process of something important without being disappointed or disillusioned if the result is other than desired.

We are sure some of you did as did this channel in forwarding the very positive information of assured victory to your loved ones and friends — and as a result of the seeming disastrous results, you ended up with ‘egg on your face’ (we love using the slang in the computer mind of the hologram!)

You may have noticed that we use the words ‘seemingly’ and ‘seeming’ a great deal. That is because all is not as it seems… ever! Appearances and rumor-like information can be very deceiving… and often too believable!

Plans may change… and timing can change — but the ultimate promise of victory cannot change! Victory for the Forces of Light has already occurred in the higher vibrational realms of true reality. It is just taking much longer in the lower vibrational world of illusory reality to realize this fact. We who are attempting to aid you are required to let this drama play itself out without our interference, but we can give our aid when asked.

Dear Ones, the more you believe in this fact of ultimate reality – not with rigid expectations, but with a firm belief in flexible possibilities of the natural unfolding of events – the sooner can these possibilities truly become a reality.

We ever thank and bless you for the difficult work you are faced with on a daily basis in the illusory 3D world you are serving so faithfully and beautifully! And please know that we are ever with you… and joyfully loving you!


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light