Archangel Gabriel: Shifting to Yes

aa gabriel eraoflightdotcomIt is so easy to slip into resistance during times that feel chaotic, unpredictable, and undefined. You are in a period of profound transformation, and that can be difficult to navigate. If you are in a space where you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure what to do, we highly recommend you start to look for things you can say yes to.

Resistance is a refusal to go with where the flow is trying to take you. It is choosing to stay and push against what is unwanted, rather than exploring above and beyond it. The simplest way to shift out of resistance is to start to identify anything and everything you can say yes to in this right now moment.

Finding what you can say yes to disengages you from the unwanted and shifts your focus to identifying and embracing what is working for you, and what you prefer. A yes is an act of acceptance and also a willingness to flow in a new direction. Your yes is using your focus to create a timeline shift. It is also the precursor to greater discoveries, wonder, and gratitude. It is deciding what you wish to water and grow with your power of your attention.

Moving out of resistance doesn’t have to be a difficult process, Dear Ones. All you have to do is recognize when you are digging in against the universe and decide to find the things you can accept with ease, instead. From there you will flow forward with far more comfort and satisfaction because you are using the power of your focus for what it has always been intended for – the declaration of your energetic preferences and the discovery of your perfect matches.

**Source **Channel: Shelley Young