What To Do While You’re Waiting; Update Your Life Vision Process

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThis last week of January is filled with amplifying energies and happenstance. In the midst of that, it’s natural that you would be assessing your life path forward and often feel like you’re waiting for green lights. The waiting can feel frustrating. What do you “do” then while you’re waiting? Continue reading for a higher view that helps you make the most of this juncture.


A new year typically comes with a sense of hopefulness and a determination to make a fresh start. We are conditioned to see it that way, regardless of what the previous year was like. Indeed it’s human nature to strive for something better and to seek new options. It’s like we have a natural tendency to want to turn the page on “what was” to explore and manifest things reflecting our advancement.

This year’s uncertainty tests our patience and our willingness to forge forward without our usual life map. So much about our everyday life has been turned upside down. Everywhere we look we see a world in disarray – unsettled and without a grand plan for how humanity will navigate so many crises simultaneously. When we internalize this, we can feel like we are personally waiting for some outer event before we can go forward.

Waiting in Context

Indeed we have this concept upside down. There is no personal waiting, not in the larger context. We are part of the collective and this unique phase of rebirth involves all beings and all systems humanity has constructed to co-exist on the planet. It’s not a quick process. In fact when we take the higher view of humanity’s evolution to this point, we realize the slow progression and awakening that occurred centuries before we were born.

Fast forward to now. Even this year, as I wrote about in the article “New Beginnings,” we can initiate new beginnings not possible until now. This happens as we apply our personal energy and our personal evolution leading to now that needs to be witnessed, harnessed, and applied going forward.

As we apply this unique storehouse of personal energy and evolution, we step into the driver’s seat of what we can create this year. This will happen a step at a time, so relax.

When we get ahead of ourselves, insisting on seeing all of the steps and rushing them, we sabotage our own divine orchestration of evolution. That occurs in quantum, not linear – which means we cannot possibly anticipate all of the miracles and openings that will appear as we simply show up and do our best.

January 28 Full Moon

I suggest we take advantage of this crossroads we’re in. To do that, we must accept that there will be chaos and roller-coaster planetary energies sparking revolutionary shifts in society. This month’s highlights include the January 28 full moon in Leo. This will bring powerful and potentially disruptive transformational energies that come with a bonus: stirring creative approaches to how we live on Earth, how we see each other, how we see ourselves.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, too, giving us opportunities to reflect, rethink, and revision our personal lives at a foundational level. When we see this “slow down” as a gift from the universe, taking the time to re-investigate our goals and values, the 3-week retrograde can be a blessing in disguise – helping us to see ourselves and the path ahead from spirit’s perspective. Below is a simple exploratory process to work with between now and February 20.

Update Your Life Vision Process

Since you have potentials you didn’t have before 2021, consider updating your life vision in terms of what you value, your goals, and your place in the world. Reflecting on these 3 things now helps you elevate your life to a brand-new level.

What You Value

Consider that what you value is different than a year ago before the pandemic. It’s essential to consciously reflect on what’s important to you as a soul. As you become still and reflect, examples will come to you of what to update. Write them down if that helps you connect more fully and tangibly.

Your Goals

Explore in a reflective way your life goals and how manifesting them will make a difference in your joy, satisfaction, and a feeling of heart connection here in this physical world. During reflection, consider specific goals that need a refresh of some kind. This means looking at your goals in a quantum way vs linear – inviting a higher view of unnecessary self-imposed limits and the conditioned tendency to seek approval from the outside world. Make a note of updates you make.

Your Place In The World

Since you are updating your values and goals, this naturally shifts how you see your place in the world. That’s because these elements are intertwined. Therefore, become still and reflect about your place in the world – beginning with family and soul family – then expanding to groups, causes, organizations, and global concerns. As you purposefully update how you see your place in the world, notice what themes come into your mind. Pay attention to planetary issues you feel a personal affinity for resolving as well. Write these down to help anchor your insights and any particular impressions of what can manifest from your efforts and focus.

Trust that doing this reflection process will help you seed beneficial expansions and opportunities that are in alignment with where you as a soul at meant to travel in 2021.

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