Galactic Fleet Command: Another Dimension

fleet command eraoflightdotcomDear Ones, some of you have been disturbed about sleeping much later into the day than you are used to doing. This morning we expressed something to our channel on which we are now going to elaborate to you.

You see, you are not really sleeping if you slip back into bed to stay warm (or for whatever reason)… and seemingly go back to sleep, and dream.

What we told her this morning is that this is not really what is happening, but that she is actually ‘dimension-hopping’ and working/experiencing in another dimension. That is why she is always hesitant to end that dreaming… (or awake and get up to begin her typical 3D life.) Has this been true for you? We realize some of you may resonate to this experience… and some may not.

If you have experienced such, what is happening in true reality is that you are carrying out important work in another dimension. Some of you have been doing this for a very long time, but not consciously. The consciousness of it is now beginning to seep through into your outer awareness.

In truth, the way your life is of necessity now set up, you are actually living about half a day in the 3D world… and the other half in other realms. You are not actually ‘sleeping’ all that time, but it appears that you are; it is more like a semi-conscious 3D state. And yes, this is happening to various other advanced souls as well. As has been stated many times before, this entire Ascension process is a multi-dimensional affair.

A few more facts that may help your acceptance of what is seemingly ‘happening’ to your 3D life:

First, based on what we have just explained to you, you are not going senile… nor is a normally healthy body suddenly becoming sickly. These are results of (1) the other dimensions consciousness, and (2) transmuting of the body at the cellular level. All this shall pass when the full multi-dimensional awareness and the completion of the body transmutation have been achieved.

The length of time for completion of all this depends upon your willingness to accept and work with the inconveniences and concerns about these facts. For instance, today we asked the channel to complete all her daily 3D chores with the sacredness of a ritual before receiving this channeled message. She was afraid of losing the information she had been receiving in her semi-conscious state of waking up. We assured her otherwise — and with the ‘magic’ of the 7th Ray of ‘ritual magic and order’, all of this was achieved.

It might relieve a questioning mind that once you awake back into the 3D world, it is not necessary that you remember anything about the work you had been doing in the other realm. That takes care of itself in other ways… with ways about which you will later become aware… All in due time. This is not as humans are usually told to remember their dreams — it is different. These are not like dreams that inform about something; they are more the way dreams of unusual experiencing might be.

The channel did indeed receive and remember one part of her other-world experiencing this morning as an important insight: It was that she was being chased dangerously by someone who could have no impact on her, because she suddenly realized that she was as though floating on clouds way above that person… in other words, at a higher vibrational level.

This insight alone is most important for all who are humans – (or serving as humans) – in this 3D world today. At the higher vibrational level, you simply cannot be touched or harmed by what is happening in the lower 3D vibrational world. You have divine protection automatically by being in the realm of higher vibrations… whether 4D, 5D, or higher.

We realize there should be more questions as the insights start pouring in… which happens when one’s consciousness is open and flowing.

We thank you for reading our messages — and we bless you as you continue
on this wonderfully-unfolding journey of discovery.


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light.