Guardian Angels

the angelics eraoflightdotcomEveryone is allocated a Guardian Angel to look after them through all their incarnations. They are our loving companions, constantly watching over us. Our Guardian Angels hold the picture of our Divine Perfection and constantly whisper it to us, impressing us with the HIGHEST choices we can make.

Guardian Angels will constantly nudge us to remember the highest truth of who and what we are. More than this, if we wander off course, they will be there gently nudging us back onto the path.

Indeed, I have seen Guardian Angels of people and who see their charges making the same old mistakes over and over again, rolling their eyes and saying: “There they go again!” Yet, their love in unconditional and thus will go with you no matter what you do, nor what happens to you.

Guardian Angels can open the doors of new opportunities for us and arrange the amazing and magical synchronicities which are so helpful in our lives.

If you have difficulties with communicating forgiveness or understanding to someone, then you may call in your Guardian Angels and ask them to communicate with the other person’s Guardian Angels and ask them to talk to that person, and convey the desire for forgiveness, peace or dissolving of conflict. This works on many levels, for subconsciously that person will pick up the guidance from their guardian angels, and matters are resolved much more quickly. If the person is even at a great distance, then these matters can be cleared up. Indeed, you will often find that everything sorts itself out in amazing ways, and suddenly doors of communication open, which were closed before.

(I am teaching about the Angelic Realms in my Soul Empowerment Level I Course today and thought of sharing this with you.)

Judith Kusel