Ascension Into 5D: Can You Be Held Back?

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomThis question was posed in my group: “I’ve read true twin flame connections are rare. How are there so many, in this group alone, connected with their true twin flame? Is this a denial of truth that keeps hope up? Could this hold one back from ascension?”

The only thing holding you back from ascension is yourself, not anyone else…and despite your best efforts, you can’t possibly hold back for long. You must do the inner work and be open to what every relationship shows you, teaches you, and serves you. If the soul you are deeply attracted to turns out not to be your twin flame or sacred partner, you’ll eventually be demagnetized from each other and the attraction to this person will fade when the lessons are complete, the karmic ties have been served, and your purpose together is complete. Did the relationship hold you back from ascension? Not if you used it to your benefit and grew from it…and during this age and time, you’re most likely doing a lot of growing! It’s almost impossible to stay in anything (relationship, job, situation) you are not benefiting from as the Earth’s energetic frequency continues to rise. Karmic relationships and situations are coming to an end as energy shifts higher. In my personal experience, the bond and connection between my twin flame and I grew stronger as I healed and ascended into unity consciousness. We never demagnetized, but learned detachment, freedom, and unconditional love.

When you are in a twin flame dynamic, your ascension process is 100% accelerated. This is why the journey is so difficult at times. The density that comes up can be very thick and heavy. The connection brings up a lot of suppressed and repressed emotions from not only this current lifetime, but from past lifetimes as well. In addition, we are here to clear for the collective and twin flames have their own individual templates they are working on to heal. As light workers, we transmute heavy energies into lighter ones, shifting the collective consciousness and bringing Earth to a higher energetic frequency (Schumann Effect). So you see, twin flames do not come to Earth for only romantic and personal reasons, but of course, this is an important aspect of the connection.

It takes patience and enough clearing to know your divine partner has an individual path as well. You must be unconditional in your love and allow your partner to be in his/her own space with unconditional acceptance. Once you clear enough, you won’t consider this time apart as “separation”. If you are in union, how could you possibly be separated? You are no longer codependent and don’t rely on having someone present 24/7. The telepathic 5D connection serves its purpose well when you are both doing solo work.

Unfortunately, the twin flame label has been misused and distorted in many ways. It’s important not to get hung up on the label as much as how a soul feels to you. I was fortunate enough not to have distorted knowledge before I realized and understood the magnitude of my own twin flame connection. I was guided to a more constructive explanation of how this connection serves us and how it benefits the entire collective. Without even knowing it, I was doing my inner work and lived my life purpose more fully. My twin flame assisted me in my ascension process in profound ways, mirroring what needed healing. As I ascended in energetic frequency, my spiritual gifts became much more stronger and my knowing that this was my twin flame never wavered. You will just know! Your Spirit Guides and Angels will lead you to signs, syncs, and communicate through numbers and other ways until you can clearly channel information through words, visions, and writings.

Ascension is a process and it is not the same for everyone. It will take as long as it takes for you to be brought to a higher state of consciousness. Coming from personal experience, when you are activated by your twin flame or sacred partner, your ascension process is catapulted. Deep healing and clearing takes place, transcending you into inner love and union. As you ascend in energetic frequency, you will continue to be magnetically drawn to your twin flame. You will feel union and harmony with this one soul and you will continue to get activated by both the energetic component and the physical aspect of the connection. I must say…the physical aspect of the connection is very synergistic in nature and the energy released from sharing and experiencing love on the physical plane releases an abundance of loving energy to the Earth and to all the collective, raising the frequency of the planet in profound ways.

Everyone on Earth is going through ascension. Some have already been on the path while others are starting their ascension process. If you are fortunate enough to have a twin flame assist you with your ascension process, count your lucky stars. If you have not come across your twin flame, sacred partners are stepping in and bringing about similar experiences. No matter what you call it, you will never be the same again…and for that, you’ll be forever grateful. I know I am. One heart, one soul, one mind…always together and never apart for all eternity.

Thank you for reading and following me on social media. I am grateful for each and every one of you who are assisting the collective energies. You are much needed and loved.