Sananda: Love Yourself

sananda image eraoflightdotcomI LOVE MYSELF!

Love yourself! This is the first step anyone should take who is complaining about the lack of love in the world!

Only once you’re filled with self-love, you are able to give love and radiate love. Only someone who loves is able to truly help others. Receiving help from people who don’t love themselves is like a meal without spice that fills your stomach but has no flavor.

Beloved humans,

Practice this: Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say: „I love myself.”

Keep doing this until you enjoy it, until you notice an inner shift and develop new feelings about yourself. A deep-seated sense of worthlessness, or deep-seated self-hatred, can now be released – this simple exercise sets everything in motion.

Consequently, the door of healing will open for you, and while you are sleeping, you will be liberated from a lot of debilitating imprinting.


Nowadays, healing can happen quickly – you just have to be completely ready for it.

Waiting for enlightenment doesn’t get you anywhere. Take your fate into your own hands and consciously create your own destiny.

In doing so, love is the most essential tool to bring the utmost joy to yourself and others.

However, it must not be an illusion, a concept or imagination. “ I love myself” or “I love all of creation” can be empty phrases. No, It should never get to that. Therefore, consciously face your issues of self-worth and self-worthlessness. Can you love yourself just the way you are? Do you feel inferior to others? Really get to the bottom of these questions.

Dig inside yourself for love. Search for love just like a gold-digger is looking for gold by sieving and discarding all that is not gold. Discard what is lesser and keep what corresponds with love.

Until you are full of love, don’t do anything and let everything be.

Concentrate on yourself until you have found self-love and are capable of complete self-acceptance as the one you are: love and endless divine beauty.

With endless love,

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl