The Path of Light

new sun higher lightThe origin of our Path of Light is found within the Universal Realm of Timelessness. During our meditations – within our personal state of quiet and stillness – no time is experienced and no space is realized and no form suppresses the reality of Oneness!  Our Path of Light exists within the Realm of Oneness.

While the Path of Light may be forgotten because of our 3rd dimensional endeavors of Life, we remain responsible for initiating our Soul’s Path of Light!

Mother Earth’s organic transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension was completed on March 27, 2017.  She has patiently waited for humanity’s individual and collective response to the question … Will I walk my Soul’s Path of Light in the Oneness of All That Is and in alignment with Mother Earth Now?

As humanity expands its understanding of and around the fundamental elements interacting with mankind’s experience of 3rd Density – Space, Time, and Motion – our concept of reality also expands.  Re-membering that we are souls – multidimensional Spirits – inhabiting physical bodies within the Oneness of the Universe?  This is an ongoing discovery.  Now we embrace our Path of Light.

Mother Earth awaits humanity’s decision no more. An Activation Period for the Soul’s Path of Light occurs from January 30 through April 23, 2021.

Those individuals remembering their Ancient Home within the Realm of Oneness will emerge with their Soul’s Path of Light in Activation by April 23, 2021!  The individual Activation processes will create a groundswell – the Collective Activation towards the initiation of replicating our Ancient Home – the Realm of Oneness!

The Days to Come are here Now.

Collective humanity is ill prepared for the pending result of The Long Year – The creation of the framework to develop humanity’s integrity, trust, and responsibility with Mother Earth and the Universal Community!

Humanity’s 3D pathway is complete and no longer valid.  Thus, leading the way for the service-to-self humanity to be led to a location of further individual learning to overcome the barriers of competition, comparison, judgment, and fear.

Our Soul’s Path of Light is an individual endeavor. It also operates towards a common goal – the achievement of finding relationships of Souls intertwined within the Realm of Oneness!

The common goal of achieving our Soul’s Path of Light with the achievement of fulfilling the supporting relationships of our collective Path of Light achieves the result of locating Souls within our Soul Tribe!

Needless to say the discovery, the act of obtaining, or remembering we even have a Soul with a Path of Light is just a preliminary phase of achievement towards recovering our inclusion within the Reality of Oneness. So NOW IS the Activation of our mutual Path with Mother Earth’s 5D World to Re-Create Mother Earth with the Space, Time, and Motion of our Path of Light!

In the meantime, Dear Ones, keep your focus to your personal state of quiet and stillness – where no time is experienced and no space is realized and no form suppresses the Reality of Oneness!

**Source **By Alexandar