Fast Timeline Shifts

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomMassive and Fast timeline shifts occurring now and crossing paths. You might find yourself in the midst of one timeline and all its experiences and then in comes another…equal sense of realities though startling to the senses. Euphoria one moment, deep grief or loss in another.

I wanted to post this below as I spoke of it during the 1-21-21 gathering. At that time and still I have been experiencing these switching realities for several months feeling then like one of the two was chasing me. Gratefully I Am much clearer now. As well, I feel strongly there will be a convergence and shift for many in March.

Below is a piece of what I spoke in our last gathering. Below that is a wonderful channel from Paul Selig that I am finding to be of great help.

There are many Spiritual Warriors who knew in this lifetime that they would be called to hold this powerful energy, this potent experience of Duality and Singularity all at one time, in this lifetime where two worlds were dividing, yet merging…where the new experience was no longer part of the old and the old experience was too dense to be part of the new. Those aware and working to stabilize in the higher timeline are Spiritual Warriors.

WE the Spiritual Warriors are the Bridges into The New World. It is crucial we build the momentum and take the steps moment to moment upward to the higher timeline and toward the formless Mystical Organic New through our unified thoughts, actions and words. Stabilizing our fields is key to calming the field and ‘seeing’ what is happening more clearly.

As well to use our ability precisely at every Divine Choice-Point without lingering on thought and without going for the familiar, though motivated by the Core Desire for Great Change, Solid Truth, Creative Solutions, Unity and our Sovereignty allowing then for a Divine Intervention and the grace of Ascension, new life, and new adventure to enter.

This below from Paul Selig.

“Whatever I have done, whatever I have known myself as, all the things I have worried about and carried hard upon my shoulders, everything I have lifted in joy, everything I have laughed for and with will now be lifted to the sight of the Christ.

I see my history. I see who I have known myself as with the eyes of the Christ. I lift the vision of the life I have lived and attended to with the eyes of the Christ to meet me where I Am standing on the mountainside.

I Am perceiving myself Now with the Love I hold for all humankind. I do not judge my actions. I do not fault my behavior. I see all I have been with the eyes of the Divine.”