Report from the Galactics: 2021 and Beyond

earth shining eraoflightdotcomFrom an energetical perspective, technology, miracles are currently happening on earth. With this message we want to inform everyone that the technical groups in the Universe are very satisfied with the human efforts during the pandemic this trials in 2020. We see major energy-technical reorganisations of your resources on earth and life in temporary seclusion has made you more likely to take back your prove yourself and free yourself from low frequency energy perceptions.

Powerful human change is on the doorstep and we can promise that a lot of “packages” are ready to be delivered to your scientists and scientists who will revolutionize human development on earth. Evolution that makes it easy to change what needs to change in your human bodies to adapt them to a higher level of energy on earth.

In 2021, you will step forward in your own unique energy. A release from your own three-dimensional perceptions and a forced loneliness has in 2020 made you more aware of who you are. It leads you to walk your own energetic paths and you feel a longing for cooperation with others on earth and us in the higher dimensions.

Numerous star seeds from the Galactic Technology Groups, with great energy and high-tech expertise, are incarnated among your scientists and researchers in every conceivable field. These star seeds are consciously and unconsciously provided with updated information from us in the Universal Galactic Technology Groups. In the very near future, these scientists and scientists will crack additional codes for what has created disease and other low-frequency suffering on earth. Your medicines will be developed to help your physical bodies in the transition that takes place to a lasting adjustment of your DNA where diseases will no longer exist. Environmentally high-frequency solutions to three-dimensional problems will quickly make it easier to transport people and things on your roads without a negative impact on your environment. Energy solutions for free energy are very imminent.

2021 will be the year of great cooperation when humanity will wake up and replace the need for power and individual freedom with the need to cooperate and return to a united consciousness. You are on a spiritual level very unique in your energy creation and together you form a whole. When you feel safe in your own unique energy, you will feel free, which stops making you afraid of your inner desire to live in unity with each other. Your world leaders are becoming more aware of this and are equipped with high-frequency knowledge of leadership in a new and loving way. You will see more women emerge in world-leading positions and men will let go of the fear they felt of sharing power with women who have a different way of leading.

The human brain undergoes an energy change that makes it adapted to the new energy system that is being introduced on earth. In connection with the raising of the energy frequencies, the brain must be adapted to a new interconnection (cooperation) of the energies from your soul and your higher consciousness. The cooperation between these units within yourself will lead to a physical realization of the high energy that you have been waiting for so long. You will live out your higher energies in your daily life which will bring about a rapid change of life on earth.

Current turbulence within yourself and in life on earth is a necessary and natural adjustment phase of your future existence. Nothing has gone wrong so far from our technical perspective and we look forward with confidence to continuing our cooperation with you in 2021, a very exciting technical year.

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**Source **Channel: Carina