An Epic Culmination – December 2020

light waves eraoflightdotcomHi my friend,

It’s a real gift for me, to be able to connect with you here! This new month of December is bringing with it immense internal and external expansion for each of us.

Of course a highly active time of expansion can bring up emotional resistance, because the mind feels it is being stretched beyond its comfort zone.

If this occurs for you, be gentle with yourself, and know that the discomfort you are feeling is just a confirmation that wonderful growth and healing are happening for you.

The first week of December will give us the opportunity to examine the kind of internal dialogue we have been having with ourselves. If we have a tendency to be hard on ourselves and to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, this is the time to address and resolve those habits, so they no longer hold us back.

Refining Our World

As we move into the first few weeks of December, we will find ourselves looking at the intentions and choices we have been making.

This can be a wonderful time to ask ourselves, “Do my choices reflect who I really am, and how I desire to be at my core?”

If we see that they are not completely reflective of who we authentically desire to be, those early weeks of December will serve as an excellent time to make the necessary refinements.

All of our experiences, whether they feel easy or challenging, provide us with important feedback that help us become clear on what we do or do not desire to experience more of.

When we view each experience as an opportunity to refine our reality—taking them as feedback on whether something feels expansive or constricting to us—then challenges no longer become something that hold us back.

They become something that helps us intentionally create the kind of reality we desire.

It also becomes much easier to create and make decisions as the empowered observer, rather than the disempowered reactor.

When we become the empowered observer, it’s easier to free ourselves from the stories, attachments, and resistance the mind often identifies with to stay safe and comfortable—so it won’t have to change anything.

As we view all of our experiences as pure feedback, the old patterns of being hard on ourselves, others, and the Universe begin to dissolve.

We then no longer operate from a reactive space, but a neutral, empowered one.

Knowing that every moment is a chance to refine our reality allows an openness to enter our world that helps us create more flow, peace, joy, and ease.

The energies of early December are offering us the opportunity to address and resolve any density we’ve been carrying around that can hold us back from receiving all the precious blessings life offers us daily.

A Time for Complete Honesty

On December 14th, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse, and its energetic effects will last for about 6 months.

Eclipses are a time where the veils between worlds are thin. This makes it an extraordinary time to connect with our Spirit, to meditate, and to do our inner work.

The intention is to take some time to reflect, and to come back to a neutral, peaceful state.

Meditating during a solar eclipse, with the intention of connecting to the Sun, strengthens our own “internal Sun,” also known as our power center.

That area is located in our solar plexus, above the navel, in the stomach area.

During a solar eclipse, all insecurities we have been holding onto, all the false stories keeping us in victim consciousness, can instantly dissolve, simply by our holding the clear intent to dissolve them.

Here is a process that we can do the day before, the day of, and the day after the eclipse, to help us activate our “inner Sun”:

Close your eyes.
Take several deep breaths, and allow yourself to sink into whatever surface you are sitting or lying on.
Visualize a miniature Sun a few inches or centimeters in front of your solar plexus/higher stomach area.
Watch this Sun radiate its golden rays of sacred Light energy, beginning in your solar plexus/stomach area. Then allow these rays of Light to expand throughout your body, mind, and auric field.

Feel into the warmth of this Sun energy, and notice how it dissolves any tightness or discomfort you may be experiencing.

After about 3-4 minutes of being in Sun energy, express gratitude to your inner Sun for giving you this healing experience.
Bring your awareness back to your five senses, and gently open your eyes.
Drink a glass of water, and continue on with the rest of your day.

Doing this process around the time of an eclipse helps us create healthy self-confidence.

This is especially important for empaths and sensitives right now!

This eclipse will shine its spotlight on Divine honesty. We will be asked to get completely honest about our life and our beliefs.

Being honest can be challenging for our mind, because it requires a certain amount of vulnerability. A scenario will likely come up around the time of this eclipse that challenges our blind beliefs and nudges us into a different perspective. This can be in areas of relationships, behaviors, habits, and life in general.

It’s not always easy to take responsibility, and to admit that how we were showing up, behaving, or looking at things was not the most compassionate, kind, or authentic representation of ourselves.

This eclipse will help us expand our mind, so that we are able to see and operate from a broader, more panoramic perspective.

Here are two gentle questions we can ask ourselves, to help us anchor Divine honesty in our lives:

“What are the things that matter most to me in life?”

“Who am I, when I express myself freely and fully, from the heart?”

Divine honesty helps us transcend limited perspectives and truths.

“If we take something to be the truth, we may cling to it so much that even if the truth comes and knocks at our door, we won’t want to let it in.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Truth is always relative. This in and of itself is a miracle, because it allows for multiple realities and viewpoints to co-exist at the same time.

Our role is to be a compassionate witness to the multi-truths, without choosing to be in judgment as to whether any one of them is  “better” than another.

Different truths will resonate at different times in our lives. This reveals to us that our experience of truth is always evolving. It is not a fixed energy.

The only time truth becomes a roadblock is when we are no longer open to evolving it, because we are attached to it looking and being a certain way.

You may have found it challenging to be in compassion toward those who do not align with the truth you most resonate with now.

If so, be gentle with yourself. Know that those feelings are there simply because as those people show how attached they are to their truth, that is mirroring for you how attached you are to yours.

The key word here is Attachment.

When we gently drop the attachment to right/wrong, good/bad, etc., what remains is an openness and a willingness to grow, evolve, and expand.

This is when peace, love, compassion, unity, and understanding become integral foundations for the reality we are choosing to create.

An Epic Culmination

On December 21st the celestial alignments of the Winter Solstice will occur, along with the next powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

These impactful alignments will help us usher in a new timeline that supports us in transcending the old societal structures and ideologies we have personally and collectively been a part of.

2020 has been a year of asking ourselves what we were ready and willing to let go of, and what we desire to bring forward with us.

Towards the end of December, we begin a cycle of Saturn and Jupiter in air signs, which will remain until 2159.

This is significant, because it shows us that over the next decade and the next hundred-year cycle, there will be tremendous growth in humanity’s consciousness and way of life.

It reveals to us that there will be a priority shift in the direction of increased good will for all life. We will see this occur both in technological innovation and ideological transformation.

As we move forward, we will be guided to step up and do our part in anchoring a peaceful and heart-centered reality for all humanity to step into.

Our next collective chapter is about making sure that every living being has their basic needs met in a way that honors them and all of life.

We are all in this together, which means that we are all equal. No one will be left behind.

We are in some of the most exciting times in human history. We have been through a lot to get to this point, and this is the time many of us have known about and been anticipating.

It’s essential that we nurture ourselves often.

Nurturing ourselves naturally leads to us nurturing the world around us.

Until next time,

Miraculously Yours,

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