Yeshua: Follow My Footsteps

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomNowadays the web of deception for those who turn their backs on God becomes increasingly fine-woven. This is the time when everything is possible, and when everything becomes impossible for those who turn away from God.

And so it happens now that more and more people open up to the light and no longer fear facing the truth. And so it happens now that many people close themselves off and attempt to save their old lives by all means.

It’s a time full of contradictions, because what represents salvation for some is the downfall of others.

Therefore I advise you to fully focus on yourself and your true spiritual nature, and to gain strength and wisdom from it.

You will meet God in your inner core, and your soul is just waiting to enable this encounter, an encounter that happens once you fully engage with God and face your unresolved shadows.

The time has come when the wheat separates from the chaff. Anyone who is awakening is blessed and receives any conceivable support from the realms of light and through God.

Because God can’t avoid you when you ask HIM for the strength for this time, compassion for this humanity and wisdom for yourself.

This is how you awaken love in you and in all people.

I am the light, the life, the truth and the way. Follow my footsteps until you have reached God.


**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl