Saint Germain: The Illusion

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI’m St Germain, and today I will talk about the illusion. The illusion is like a dream because it is created by the power of thought. The illusion you live in physically in your waking state exists in many different aspects and nuances. All created and shaped by each individual. This is why individuals who have witnessed the same event can retell in a number of different ways and this is also why each individual can change their story after a while. The illusion is the individual’s perception of reality and this is influenced by a number of factors.

For example:

1. The individual’s past and what it carries in its baggage in the form of experiences and trials.
2. The individual’s balance for the moment. The inner balance and the moon are affected by how reality is perceived. It is also a reason why a retold experience can change. A new moon changes perspective.
3. Personal development is extremely relevant to the context. If the individual is trained to look beyond their own perceived limitations, the individual can also retell the experience in a version close to the version of reality.

Man interprets and retells according to his version. This is no difference for the individuals who have contact with their mentors as is happening at the moment. My channel in this now hears me, sees me, feels me and makes her interpretation based on what she is in in this now.

So then I come to the much-discussed question: What is illusion and what is reality?

Everything is an illusion and everything is reality. You say that what is seen does not exist. I, St Germain, for example, who does not possess a physical body right now and is therefore considered to belong to the illusion, a fantasy. But when a person recounts an event that does not match another person’s recounting of the same event, it is considered that one is lying. See instead that even in that case it is about the inner vision. I see what I want to see and I make my own individual interpretation. As much an illusion as I, St Germain, or I am as much for real as what you call physical experience.

Everything is inside the viewer’s interior. Always remember that before you judge someone, call someone a liar. Remember that the outcome of a fellow human being’s action depends on how you receive, what you choose to see or hear. A word that you may perceive as malicious may not have been meant that way at all, but it was your interpretation of it all. In this way, we all live in the illusion that few people have the absolute purity to see and interpret reality exactly as it is.

The illusion contains the trials of your life and these trials ease when you can see in your heart what it is really about, what it is in you that reacts. So continue with your development, a little at a time and understand that as you develop, your view of the illusion also changes and you get closer and closer to the truth. Closer and closer to inner peace and enjoyment of life.

See me as a friend and let me be a part of your reality.

With warmth, St Germain.

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**Source **Channel: Camilla Nilsson