Sierra NZ: Our Commander-in-Chief

top news article eraoflightdotcomI had tears in my eyes when I watched this little video. Patriots singing the US National Anthem in Freedom Plaza. Listen to the cheer as President Trump flies over the crowd in Marine One. This war is real, World Patriots. And we are WINNING.

Here is the view of the crowd that President Trump saw from Marine One. Imagine how it lifted his spirits.

Listen to the battle cry from our beloved Commander-in-Chief…

This tweet proves that President Trump is right on the cusp of public DECLAS. BOOM.

A reminder that the Alliance is in FULL control. Cue promised that the 2020 election is safe.

Another reminder about the Alliance BIG picture. This is all a SHOW. TRUST the plan.

An Anon tweeted the two paths now available to President Trump. Great theory.

More words of wisdom from Joe M. He KNOWS. Inside intel…?

There are signs that Twitter could go dark soon. Please don’t panic. All is well. TRUST the plan.

Check out this brave Light Warrior – he is standing up for TRUTH and JUSTICE. I love this guy.

A young family got kicked off a flight – and PERMANENTLY BANNED from the airline – because their TWO year old would not wear a mask. This is outrageous. This is everything WRONG about the Scamdemic of 2020. Watch and pass it on…

This woman describes her 2020 awakening experience in 60 seconds (some F bombs). Love it.

Finally, more emotion. President Trump arrived at the US Army/Navy Games to thunderous applause. POTUS has the staunch backing of his military. That’s why YOU can have strong faith that the Alliance is winning this war.

Hold the line, World Patriots. President Trump and the Alliance appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)