Thoughts from Your Hostess of Light; December 2020

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomHolidays aka Holy days could not exist unless it was for you and your heart and your dedication to what is good beautiful, healing and shines the Light of Hope. By celebrating you are creating a sacred place filled with light. Life is like a patchwork quilt; some sadness, some happiness, good days, some bad days, all filled with memories of every flavor and color. We are all stitched together, like a loved child’s toy we are always holding ourselves together by a thin thread. The sacred tapestry of you, the patchwork quilt of your heart, go hand-in-hand with all that is Holy. There should be no fear in showing your true colors, For they are the rainbow of your soul and all of your many lives. All of your stitchings are Divine instructions held within the fabric of your humanness. We were created in love, with love, for all that is love. In the Outer Perimeter of our being the boundaries of self and soul, lives our true spirit. We are the love child of the universe, The Offspring of what Portrays itself as galactic without end.

Many moons ago when I lived in Cocoa Beach Florida I looked up to the November night sky in all of its Glory seeking wisdom. The Ocean reflected the night sky and Stars and a Great Peace entered my heart. I heard the sound of peace in these words over and over again “as it was in the beginning it will always be, a world without end.” My heart burst free from its holding filling me with love and then Three stars above shone brightly creating a triangle of light, Like a stamp of approval from the firmaments. The phrase entered my head and did not leave me alone for days, but as I look back at the energies and how far we have come as beings of light it seems all too relevant to this day and time.

This morning when I woke up the phrase “Love Will Survive It Will Keep Us Alive” kept playing over and over in my head. I asked myself what the heck does that really mean in this day and time? The words seemed to give the spirit of Love a great personage, that of a warrior, that of a knight, that of a savior. This feeling of Love was beyond Valentine’s and chocolates and cherubs. It was beyond an innocent first kiss or holding hands walking to school. This love felt great of stature, alive, and bigger than what is happening to us as a planet. This Love took form in solidity, in deed, and in every longitude and latitude of this planet. This Love was like every kiss, every hug, every prayer, and every celebration of life wrapped up in together in a big Cosmic Christmas burrito. Does this materialization of Love on earth come in the form of a billboard, a Christmas miracle, or a planetary prayer finally growing wings? What we knew as love a year ago has shifted and changed its color, it’s flight pattern and its future.

What we have learned about love this past year is that we don’t have nearly enough in our life. We all have training wheels on trying to learn how to ride this new type of Love that is dimensionally afoot. This is a time of deep reflection into a pool of possibility.

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