Ashtar: The Key To Entering Your Heart

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ones of the earth plane. This is commander Ashtar, or simply Ashtar, if you will. I command great fleets, but not in the way that you think of command. You see, the flow of light, the flow of love has a very different definition of what the word command means.

When you are in your heart centre, you see, dear ones, you have complete command over your reality. This is not the same as control. For control is the grip of fear. Control is something that your minds apply through the energy of fear. This is something very important to understand dear ones. For flow is the movement of love light. As you see change from the miracle of love light, that change is the culmination of the flow of love light.

Many things are happening now as you approach your 21st of December 2020… Oh what a great day that will be dear ones. We do not wish you to have expectations on this date, or other important waves as they come through. For we wish you to let go of control, and move into flow – do you see the difference dear ones?

When you are in flow, there is NO mental grip, there is no gripping and holding your reality, or anything in it. You simply flow, you move freely with the freedom of your hearts. Everything falls into place magically, it aligns, it synchronizes perfectly, to completely match your heart space. This is what we do in the higher planes dear ones. And this is what we wish for you.

It is so important, moving into the times coming, that you understand this concept.

This one has had to learn the difficulties of these distinctions, these contrasts, if you will, and so have many of you, we see this, dear ones. We love you, we are there for you. We bring these messages through for you, to console, to uplift, to en-light-en. To help highlight the way. To help you do the most important thing, which is to connect to your heart centre. Be the love of your heart centre. That is where your higher self truly resides. That is where your access to this universe, this omniverse, all of creation resides. Dear ones, that is the gateway. Yes… this has been spoken of before. We wish to remind you again, and again, and again… As gently, or as powerfully as you need it to be dear ones.

For this is where the filth dimension resides. You access it through your heart dear ones, for it is already there, every dimension you could ever wish to access is right there dear ones.

But here is an important lesson, and it involves the idea of flow verses control. Surrender and flow verses grip and control. These two things are not against each other, but we simply wish to contrast them for you. For we see many of you are still finding it most difficult to LET GO AND RELEASE YOURSELVES from the grip of SELF CONTROL, SELF GRIP. Relax dear ones!!! Oh dear ones relax, feel your entire body going loose, flowing, soft, gentle, filled with love light. Know that anytime you are in grip, you are in fear dear ones.

Let that be your signal, to know that you have fear to release…

When you are soft, when you are gentle, and you are flowing, that is the stuff of your heart centre, dear ones. It is the stuff of the divine. It is your truth, your magnificent beautiful truth, that is switching on most rapidly now. Surrender to it dear ones.

We wish to highlight a program that many of you have. And that is you fear that if you surrender, that if you let go, you will be vulnerable to attack. Nothing could be further from the truth dear ones. For this is an illusionary false program instilled into you. When you are relaxed, when you let go, when you flow, you are your most powerful, you are your most protected you can ever be. This is an important concept to understand dear ones, and we so wish for you to ‘get this’.

You see, this is what it is to be in command of your reality, when you are in that beautiful soft flow, that love light, that surrender, that gentleness that peace… That is when you have full command, NOT CONTROL… command of your reality.


For there is no grip there. Control is a fear.

Command is the instant mirroring of your reality, that dances with you, as you glide and flow in the beautiful love light of your heart centre, it is a partnership dear ones, if you will. Where your outer reality instantly mimics, instantly morphs, instantly arranges itself to your hearts wishes, loves and desires.

That is what we mean by command dear ones.

And that is how things work in the higher realms. It is not control dear ones…

We ask you to ponder this. And we leave you now, with this pondering, if you will. It is so important to live and understand this dear one’s. For it will make it far easier for you to move into your hearts.

And we will finish on this last key point… Many of you, we see, have asked the question and find it difficult to move into your heart centres, ‘how do we do this Ashtar?’ we hear you say, ‘how do we do we do this angelics?’ we hear you say. It is simple dear ones, here is the key:


You cannot think or control yourself into your heart centre, YOU MUST LET GO. It is like a doorway, that will seemingly not allow you through, while you are in the energy of fear, or grip, or control. You see, those energies don’t belong, they don’t exist in your heart centre. So in truth, if you use those, and are trying to GET into your heart centre, with those energies, like two opposites, you will push away and will find it most difficult to be in your heart centre.

We ask you to do this, if you wish, to go into your heart centres – Go into meditation, go into peace, go into flow, relax… LET GO. When there, feel the magnificent light of your higher self beckoning, calling you in, and allow yourselves to surrender, COMPLETELY SURRENDER, let go of grip, let go of control, let go of the fear, let go of the tension dear ones, and allow yourselves to be DRAWN IN to your hearts.

Do you see dear ones, do you see the point of the contrast?

You cannot make or force yourself into your heart centre, you have to let your heart centre absorb you in…

That is the key dear ones!

Do you see, do you feel this? Practice, play with this dear ones, you will find it oh so much easier to glide into your heart centres, to be in your heart centres. Enough of the struggle, enough of the pain, enough of the fear dear ones… SURENDER, you are safe, you are ABSOLUTELY SAFE.

Your most magnificent and powerful heart centre is there waiting to absorb you in. Let it absorb you, but to do so, again, the key is to SURENDER, SURRENDER, SURRENDER, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO, RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE…

Play with this dear ones…

We leave you now in our love, our light, our soft love light, our prayers for you to be in your heart centre, our wishes for you…

We love you all so much, be at peace dear beloveds… We love you more than you can know, feel this in your hearts, we love you…

Goodbye for now


**Channel: Davey