Fleet Command: Seeing Through New Eyes

star family eraoflightdotcomDear Ones, greetings from your friends in the skies who are here to aid you as you transition into the Light. Even though we have been with you as long as Ashtar Command has existed, we have been primarily hidden from your awareness until recent times.

We understand how difficult these times are for you, especially during this Christmas season. Although for some of you Christmas has been a difficult time because of memories of past experiences and/or losses of loved ones – or the frenzy of expected gift giving – but for many it is a very special time for family gatherings, special events, and spiritual worship through music and pageantry.

We members of Fleet Command are from a variety of planets. We have left our homes, families, and the familiar way of life on our planets by volunteering to aid planet Earth in her transition out of duality and darkness into the Light of the New Earth. We therefore understand your sadness at the loss of experiencing all that has been meaningfully good in the past.

May we suggest that you relive the meaningful aspects of past Christmases
by going within and experiencing Christmas by means of the indwelling Christ Consciousness that resides in the heart of every human being, whether you have had this awareness before or not. This is the true birthing of the Christ that is at the core of the original Christmas story.

You have already read many wonderful channeled messages that speak of the Light replacing the darkness that seems so prevalent on your Earth planet at this time. Even though there are patches of 5D at this very moment, you are basically on the transitional 4D path toward the true 5D planet that is called the New Earth. (Of course we are speaking here of those who have chosen the way of the Light.)

We wish primarily to emphasize – for your ability to believe through understanding – that life may continue to appear the same as always in all respects; but for those who are on the Ascension path, life will be perceived differently. It may look the same, but it will feel different… as viewed through different eyes. This difference will not be able to be explained… just known! Those not on the path will not understand if you try to explain. Therefore, just rejoice… and hold them in the Light of the Cosmic Christ, that they might join you on the path into the Light.

Also, a reminder: The concept of time is different on this side of the veil. We do not dwell nor work in 3D sequential time. Therefore, when a channeled message speaks as though everything has already changed for the good – or the word ‘soon’ is used – please take it ‘with a grain of salt’.

Also another reminder: Everything manifests in the etheric realms before manifesting in 3D physicality. Always has it been so… and so is it yet!

The New Earth does already exist in another realm, but not on the 3D Old Earth that is a part of the awareness of the majority of Earth’s humanity at this present time. Those further along on the Lighted path will be aware of aspects of 5D before those just beginning the journey. They may also find themselves sent to live in a 5D patch… for both their work and their safety. Stay tuned to your inner guidance for up-to-date info on this.

Gradually the old 3D aspects will die out and/or drop away from clinging and holding 3D humanity in their enslavement. (We will not use the word ‘soon’ about this, as that can be misunderstood or seem misleading.) Just know that even though ‘quantum leaps’ can seem to exist, it is only because that which manifests suddenly and from seemingly out of nowhere has been a long time in preparation for that ‘sudden’ appearance. Everything moves according to a Divine Plan… not by leaps and bounds.

If you desire anything of us, please ask. We must follow the ‘prime directive’ that you heard about so often if you followed the ‘Star Trek’ series; (there was a lot of truth hidden in that sci-fi series.) Since your planet is based on free will/ free choice, we cannot interfere except by your request. Always will we joyfully comply to such requests! That is why we are here at this momentous time in the history of this great Earth planet — and what a privilege it is to be able to serve you!

May you have a truly blessed Christmas… all in preparation for an excitingly enlightened New Year!

We ever hold you in the Light and Love of the Cosmic Christ.

**Channel: Beth Stormont