Simple Math: Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted In 2020 Election

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomThe 2020 election will go down as the most corrupt US election in history. It was corrupted in so many ways! Bill Binney, of US Intel fame tweeted out a message yesterday noting that more people voted in the 2020 election nation-wide than were eligible to vote.

What Binney points out is that according to the Washington Post, 2020 had the highest voter turnout in over a century:

Wapo 2020 Voter Turnout

Of course this on its face value implies fraud since no one was excited about voting for Joe Biden, but the WaPo wouldn’t consider going there – not with their far-left extreme bias.

Binney attaches a link to the number of registered voters in the US. We made a copy as of today and added these voters up. When we add up the number of registered voters we obtain 213.8 million registered voters in the US as of this morning.

Registered Voters Per State

Using the numbers as of today, which are materially similar to Binney’s, we find a huge issue. If we have 213.8 million registered voters in the US and 66.2% of all voters voted in the 2020 election, that equals 141.5 voters who voted in the 2020 election (Binney shows 140 million which is materially the same).

If President Trump won 74 million votes, then that leaves only 67.5 million votes remaining for Biden. This means 13 million duplicate or made up ballots were created and counted for Biden!

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This also supports our observations from the start. Biden committed fraud in every imaginable way, but the big steal was in millions of fraudulent votes that were created to steal the election for Biden. MILLIONS!

The result of the 2020 election at a very high level do not add up. This is math – very simple math. At a high level, the Biden camp clearly committed fraud.