Fleet Command: Living Etherically

fleet command eraoflightdotcomWe greet you once again, Dear Ones, and we wish you a blessed Christmas Season!

We wish to share a bit more about ourselves — and we do apologize that we have strung out this information for your clarity of who we really are. We have fed the information in a strung-out fashion because our history is not as important as the messages we bring to you.

We normally have had seven spaceships – (one large one is the commander’s ship) – but now we have many more in your skies because of Ascension. We are from many different planets, galaxies, civilizations, and stages of evolution… and we do work together harmoniously! We are on duty in Fleet Command much as your military members are deployed for certain periods of time, except that all our times of duty are by our choice,

Although some of us are basically at the same stage of evolution that you are, we can see more clearly about happenings on your planet because they are not hidden from us by the veil as they are to you. You primarily have knowledge of these happenings through your 3D physical senses, whereas we know from the more realistic and honest etheric viewpoint.

You see, we are not in 3D physical form — we are in etheric forms. Since we do not have physical eyes, we can see only your etheric double with etheric vision. (In case you do not know, you all have an etheric double aspect of your body… the mold, one might say, for your physical body. Not being 3D, It is much more pure and real than your outer sheath, known of course as the physical body.)

Some of you already possess etheric vision but have had no real opportunity to know or use it. As more of you rise into the higher vibrational frequencies, a greater number of you will be able to see us etheric beings with that vision. When that happens – and you know that we are your friends – the danger to our public appearance will become less a reality.

Dense physical 3D vibrations are too low for the ability to see etherically, and therefore we have been hidden from your view… although our spaceships have often not been hidden. When they enter your earth’s atmosphere, the materials of which they are constructed have the ability to manifest physically. Also, some of our beings can manifest physical bodies as shapeshifters; however, we do not all have that ability.

A closing statement of hope for this special season: When Ascension and your journey to the 5D New Earth have finally been completed, you will be able to know and claim your already beautiful and pure etheric double as the true body of your Soul being — and you shall indeed be living etherically!

We hold you ever in the Love and Light of the Cosmic Christ.

**Channel: Beth Stormont