The Solar Cycle

light waves eraoflightdotcomThe new Sun cycle will be different compared to others, more active in times it shouldn’t be based on the behavior of past cycles.

The Solar Cycle will pick up more in activity in 2021…I think it will be a confusing cycle for nasa/spaceweather to predict because it may be more active in times it “shouldn’t” and less active in times it “should.” There is layered greater cycle with the Sun outside of the 11 year solar cycle.

Solar activity will increase the days following Solstice and around the Full Moon (Full Moon is December 30th)

As far as the December 21st 2020 Great Conjunction and Solstice- it is a beautiful reminder for us all and symbolic in different ways depending on the personal perspective. There is Solar activity incoming, but not a solar flash instantly spiritually transforming the world. We still each have our deeper beliefs, reactions, thoughts & feelings to deal with on Dec 22nd and onward into the future.

We still have the responsibility for where we dwell most often in thought and feeling. We are still responsible for what we react to and imagine moment to moment. The inner work we do allows peace, wholeness and happiness to develop from within without feeling the need to change anyone else or anything on the outside. Heaven on Earth is consciousness above-within accessed internally.

Keep working on you in whatever ways resonate & remain in Faith. The physical outside world is cylical, appears separate and has a function- we rise above appearances from within.

**Source **By Aluna Ash