A Meditation from the Pleiadians

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomSit comfortably and take a deep breath. Breathe a few times deeply to feel relaxed and calm. Concentrate on breathing for a while and imagine that you get very strong energies in the form of a pink wind that sweeps around you. Take deep breaths to truly feel the beneficial and healing energy throughout your body.

These energies coming from the great central sun are very intense and it can feel as if you are completely fulfilled by them. It is the winter solstice and it means that you all people will get a lot of energy and a different experience due to the great and loving state you can experience. It is a fantastic time you all live in and being able to take care of it is a difficult and very important part of your life.

At any time, you can imagine the pink energy in your hearts and enter a state of calm without stress that is so much in this time. Your progress in the ascent is fantastic and all you need to do is sit for a while in silence to get peace and stability. Trying to get a moment for yourself and really visualize how your future in your country could be for everyone’s best. It is a fantastic opportunity to have a strong feeling to be healed and feel the strength from these energies.

Light beings from other star systems have come to Earth to strengthen and give loving light to the people on the ascension and all you need to do is be open and receive this light for an easier life in this time when light has indeed won but that it still there is a lot of the dark that needs the light to disappear forever.

Visualize that you take deep breaths of the amazing light and exhale slowly over the darkness you think is near you. Imagine how you see the darkness dissolve into the pink energies and disappear into a cloud of glittering dust. Take a new breath and feel how much easier you feel after a while to inhale these fantastic energies and also to be able to send the darkness to the light as you exhale.

It is a strenuous time you humans are living in right now and you need all the light and love for your life and it will continue for a long time in your world. Therefore, take every opportunity you can to have a quiet moment to get healing and strength from the energies that are around you and to say out loud or quietly to yourself. “I am love, I am the light, I am the truth, I AM” so you get additional power and protection to be able to keep your light for everyone.

Take a few deep breaths to feel the peace and quiet around you and to ground yourself properly in Mother Earth.

Welcome back.

Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Inger Noren

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