Ashtar and The Galactic Federation: New Earth is Being Born

fleet command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channel along with the galactic federation of light coming through to bring you a message about the energies that are hitting your planet now about exactly what is going on as they started coming in around eight or nine last night, not only energy’s solar energy we’re going to say but you have a conjunction of three planets that are lining up to produce a very special outcome we’re going to say and to really generate more energies along with this winter solstice December 21st.

These planets are lining up as they have not lined up like this for a very long time. It would be called the Christmas star or the star of Bethlehem. It’ll be called a lot of different things. This conjunction is coming about now as it is very, we’re going to say it is a very magical time and this conjunction of planets is not only bringing forth new energies so by the way we mean new energies, new energies to work with that have not been seen on this planet for a very long time.

These energies are coming through, these new energies, to bring a huge shift in the collective and a huge shift forward for all of you we’re going to say but something very special is happening and will be happening tomorrow up until December 27th.

There is a messiah as she has been on your planet for a very long time, she will be now given the activations that she needs to really go forth on this planet carrying not only Christ’s DNA but she’s going to be carrying Christ consciousness energies and she’s going to really come into fully her awareness of her mission and what she is to do on this planet at this time for not only Mother Earth but for humanity as well.

This conjunction of these planets lining up are actually supporting her awakening at another level at a much deeper level we’re going to say so that she really will come into her all-knowing, she really will come into her awareness and she really will come into all that she is gifted with and has been gifted with to go forward on your planet now.

This is a very magical and special time not only with the energies rolling forward for all of you with the solar flare and solar blast but it is a magical start to a new planet being birthed to a whole new cycles of energies coming forth onto your planet and plane, all planes, we’re going to say, all dimensions as you’re really going forward now with the new earth.

The new earth is being birthed out of what we’re going to say “out of the reptilian and draconian era” into a whole new level, into a entire upswing, into not only going to the fifth dimension but into that knowing that what once was in this third dimension and what once was down so low and all those who strive to keep this planet and humanity now down that has ended.

You are being birthed to a new earth, a new generation for humanity, a new level of awareness, a new level of clarity, a new level of peace and compassion and justice, a new level of unity is being birthed as well as unifying this beautiful collective of humanity up into the cloud as ONE.

You will be going forward from now as a unified collective of light and the more that wake up they jump into this cloud and you, they are then operating as one big body of light. You’re operating not as the selfish gains of one but you’re operating as the greater good for all on the planet and we mean “all” on the planet being Mother Earth, being humanity, being the animals, being the plants and all that is.

So a new earth with these energies that are coming in, with this alignment of this planets in the conjunction that they are in. A new world is being birthed, a new planet is being birthed, a new civilization is being birthed, a new residence for all is being birthed and humanity is rolling through as it has never been before on this planet and plane.

You all have come through a huge portal, you all have come through a huge gateway. The gateway and portal have opened up a few days ago now you’re going through it, you are through it and now you’re experiencing the energies that are coming onto the planet for all of you.

The gateway is opened two or three days ago, this channel will talk about that. You’re through this portal, you’re through the gateway, the conjunction of planets is helping this messiah come in to fully knowing what she is to do and awakening her gifts as well to lead forward this planet and humanity not only to the fifth dimension but to lead forward this planet and humanity back to their hearts.

You came through a huge shift, you’re already through it. Now the portal and gateway are open, now you’re realizing what’s really rolling forward for all of you. You shifted, it it’s a huge shift the portal and gateway you’ve gone through it. You started through it last night, you’ve gone through it, now you’re going to be bathed with the energies from the sun, now you’re going to be bathed with this solstice December 21st and it’s going to give you another huge shift forward.

You had to go through the portal and the gateway which you accomplished. It opened three to five days ago, you roll through it, all of you, even those that are not going to the fifth dimension are through this portal and gateway as well as Mother Earth has entered it and she’s through it as well.

You’re now going to do another shift up in your consciousness but you’ve done what needed to be done. You’ve changed this planet to one from the dark to the light, you’ve gone through the gateway and portal you’ve shifted up all humanity and now the sun is going to send a huge solar flare and blast tomorrow.

It could be as early as very early in the morning this next morning tonight. Get out there, put your feet on Mother Earth, bathe in the light, know that you have shifted humanity. New earth has been born, she’s not going back down ever to the third dimension. This is huge, we know that a lot of you, a lot of the channelers are bringing through this message but this is huge. You’ve passed through the gateway, the new earth she’s born, you are all shifting up very quickly. You’ve done a shift from the dark to the light and now you’re about to do another huge shift in your consciousness and the energies that are coming in for all of you will do whatever is needed in your energy body.

I Lord Ashtar, along with the galactic federation of light, nine of the twelve councils which is about five thousand beings of light, are coming through this channeler. This is huge, you’re through the portal, you’re through the gateway, the energies are now hitting. The work is done so to speak now the sun is sending down the energies onto all of you today, tomorrow a little bit the 26th and the 27th.

We are so happy to bring this news through this channeler. You have passed through the gateway, you’ve passed through the portal, the sun is going to help, you have shifted, the new earth is being born. From this minute moment forward your earth is never going back down, she’s never going to go down to this third dimensional matrix. The new earth is being born, the new humanity is being born, everything has shifted energetically, galactically, angelically for your ascension not only but for this new earth, we’re going to say the new resonance of Mother Earth and all of humanity to continue up on your journey upward and onward.

I Lord Ashtar, along with the entire galactic federation of light are so excited to bring through this message, a huge monumental moment was seized last night and these energies are now coming through, they’re going to come through today, they’re going to come through tomorrow and they’re going to come through the 26th possibly the 27th. The conjunction alignment of planets will allow for this messiah to really wake up and for all her gifts to come through to her so she can continue really helping humanity not only raise up to the fifth dimension but journey back to your hearts.

We’re sending you so much love, we’re sending you so much light on this beautiful, monumental, wonderful day and love.

**Channel: Lynne Rondell


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you angelic, our galactic federation of light. Amazing channeling, my brain is still a little shifting around there. I’m so happy to bring through this message for all of you. I did feel my ears start ringing about eight o’clock last night, a lot of energy pushing through all night.

I think it took me till probably midnight to get to sleep with a lot going on but I’m happy to bring through this message. I’m very excited for the new earth I’m very excited for all of humanity and I’m very excited to be journeying with all of you.

Sending you such love, such light and blessings