Mother Mary: Motherhood and Fatherhood

mary magdalene eraoflightDear friends. I am mother Mary. I greet you all with joy in my heart. It makes me happy to share this moment with you, united with one heart.

The authentic maternal energyhas been absent from Earth for a long time. There have been many mothers, but the way they exercised their motherhood was often permeated with fear, worry, and even aggression. The mothers of the past were wounded mothers, who exercised their task from a lack of being at home within themselves. They acted from an anxious feeling of being rejected for their own true nature.

The authentic energy of motherhood is very light and tender and extremely flexible. In the original mother energy there is selflessness, but not in the sense of a complete sacrifice of the self. There is a generous giving of a mother’s own abundance from the mother within herself. A mother gives selflessly, gives life from her womb, wants to pass on life, and allows her children their own life, their own individuality, their own unique energy. She does not want to predetermine or shape the new life; she only wants to pass on what is flowing through her.

She holds the infant in her arms to nourish and nurture it when it is still small and fragile, but her hands remain open so that when the awakened young life is ready to leave, it can fly away in freedom. That is the essence of motherhood, the way it was originally meant to be: to procreate life, and to protect and hold it when it is extremely vulnerable and naked, and then to release it completely to fulfill its own purpose.

In the act of motherhood there is, in part, the need to bear the child, and in the act of carrying the child there is a selflessness that gives motherly joy. She literally becomes the womb for something else, something new, and the mother experiences joy in offering that possibility. When the new life is born, it is the first step into the outside world. The child comes out of her womb and that gives the mother joy because she can now see what she has brought forth. She can now interact with what has awakened from and through her. And as the child grows, the mother retreats slowly and lets go, but without losing anything. She again returns inward, prepared to give birth to another life.

Even when I use the example of a child, you can see this process has a broader meaning. All forms of creativity, where you give space to something new and let it flourish freely, come under this same heading.

The original energy, the love of motherhood, is incredibly missed on Earth: in women, in men, and in children. In the past, caring for children became almost exclusively a task for women and this is an unnatural situation. Men were only allowed to assert themselves in the social domain. They had to compete and perform in the outer world, while women were relegated to the private domain of the home. The result was that women only derived their identity from motherhood. They got very little chance to express and carry out their creative, unique energy, the energy that says: “This is me and this is how I want to manifest.”

A woman cannot be just giving and serving. She then becomes frustrated because the male energy in her gets denied: the energy that says “I” and wants to assert itself in a positive way by expressing itself in a creative, instinctive, and also sexual manner. Those creative forces in the woman were suppressed and she had to channel everything into motherhood. In this way, motherhood acquired an emotional charge and a need to be assertive. It became so important to them that they could smother their children with it, either by being overprotective and not being able to let go, or else by becoming cold and distant. She felt that something had been taken away from her by having to focus solely on motherhood. Motherhood became distorted, and this hurt the children and locked out the fathers, and so everyone played a painful role in the game.

However, this describing is not about placing blame. What is important is that the original meaning of motherhood be restored in both women and men, so that women, especially, may again increase and strengthen their creative force, and again manifest themselves from their souls and stand up for themselves. Then motherhood has a natural place in their lives: it is not everything, it is simply one aspect of their being. Motherhood can be expressed through having children, but it can be also expressed by a woman in other ways: through her work, her dealings with people, with friends or people that she helps. Motherhood is broader than simply having biological children.

I ask that you now feel the energy of what is motherly in yourself, in your heart. And if you wish, you can ask me to come closer in order to put you in touch with that gentle tender energy. It is a universal flow that is not mine, it comes through everyone. Without this energy, Creation and the universe would not exist. It is a primal energy and it is love. Allow that flow into your heart and see how it feels for you, specifically, and let it move down into your abdomen and pelvis. Feel very deeply how this original mother energy gives you a feeling of “home”, a sense of safety and security, allowing you to relax and, at the same time, giving you complete freedom.

Imagine two extended hands, women’s hands: open, soft, and tender. Place yourself within these open hands. They allow you to leave at any time, yet you can always come back. You can go to wherever you want, but these hands are always there for you, so you can rest for awhile and know that you are all right just as you are, beautiful and unique and loved. You are protected, there is always support for you – it is love from the universe. These motherly hands that hold and embrace you can see you – they see who you are. They are happy when you leave to grow and develop on your own, and they are happy when you come back to these hands. They are nurturing hands, not forcing hands.

Let go of the images of the past. There were certain constrictions and fears in your own biological mother’s life which led her to be an unnatural mother. Forgive her for that, even though forgiveness is sometimes difficult, given the many effects it has had on you. Feel the willingness to forgive. Do not see her as merely your own mother, but as the many mothers who have had a long history of struggle and cruelty in both their female and male energies.

Men have also been robbed of their true fatherhood, which is more than only the physical protection or survival of the child. Seen emotionally, fatherhood is so much more. It has to do with the actual support of the uniqueness of the child: to challenge, encourage, and be an example for the child.

True fatherhood has been literally denied to men in most of known history because they were rarely home, and their emotional life became impoverished because of that. Thereby, they could not be the father that they were. Women had to fill the father’s role; but, as mentioned, they did it in a distorted way. Men and women each have their own contribution to the education and growth of the child, and that is as it should be.

Now try to feel the energy of the original father in yourself, to sense his universal power and creativity. The paternal is protective, but it is also challenging. He encourages you to explore your own limits and to overcome your fears. Sometimes the father gives you a nudge when you find yourself in the hands of the mother and says: “Take a step out into the world; see what is going on outside in the world and what exists there for you to discover.” The paternal and maternal work together and are not inconsistent with each other.

The motherly energy carries you in her two hands as long as you need it. But these hands cannot expel you from the nest; they are not created for that. It is the fatherly energy that gives you the nudge that tells you: “You are a unique person, go discover who you are, make mistakes, stumble. I am with you; I trust you, encourage you, and support your adventure.” From the fatherly, paternal energy also comes something caring and protective, but it is bolder and encourages you to step out into the unknown. Put your trust in this energy and take it into yourself. See where that paternal energy wants to go in your body and if there are special places in need of this energy flow.

Finally, realize that if you begin to again recognize these original energies in their true form, the maternal and the paternal, you can also share them with other people. You then represent that universal love flow in this world. As you learn how to restore these energies in yourself, and begin to recognize and understand them, you are going to help transform the past. You will become a light in this world whereby the masculine and the feminine can again dance together. And the children of the future will have a better opportunity to grow up harmoniously. They will become more balanced, more mature.

I greet you with gratitude that you want to take this on and to become an example for a new future. I salute you.

**Source **Channel: Pamela Kribbe