Goddess of Creation: Distractions in Your Life

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomHow often do you find yourself so busy that you are rushing through your day without taking the time to really enjoy what may be happening? As a society people have long been on the ‘fast track’ or have had goals that keep every part of their day occupied. All of this leads to distractions in your life.

Sometimes distraction can help you to process. In other words, when you are reading or cleaning or running when you need something else to be completed is actually helping you to move through what may be happening.

However, most people have so much going on within their lives that they do not take the time to really be present in their experiences. Do you have a focus or an intention of what you want in your life; but nothing or little is happening because you are busy and distracted with other things. Oftentimes people can fall into this without even realizing they are doing so.

During this channel, the Goddess will give you an opportunity to your life from a bigger perspective. you are in the All That Is and then allow your focus to slide down into your life. She then asks you to consider what is most important in your life. For some, it was an opportunity to realize they were distracted by things not as important. People then had an opportunity to let go of the things in life that were not supportive of their choices. The Goddess also reminded people that you can choose where you would like your focus to be and when to clear the distractions from your life.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

As you live your life through these very turbulent times, remember at the end of the day that you are present within yourself. When you feel chaos and changes taking place all around you, remember to come back to center within yourself. When there is transition taking place within your life, remember that you are that constant within your life. You have your friends, your family, your loved ones, and they are most often moving through with you. However, you are the common denominator.

What is your life like right now? Are you waiting in anticipation of what is to be? Are you, like so many people, just trying to get through this year and start another year? I invite you as you are grounded to just consider your focus. And consider what is important to you in your everyday life.

I invite you to then take a deep breath in where you breathe down through your nose. You send that energy down through your energy bodies, and let your focus move into the earth. You allow that breath of energy that comes from you to link with the earth, moving out in different directions. As this happens, you are anchoring yourself deeper and deeper into your physical reality.

Allow that energy of Gaia to come up within you moving through your energy bodies until you link with your heart center once more and you are settling into this space. You then send that energy up through your throat, your third eye, your head center, and it goes up until you link with your higher self.

As you are here within this space, look around. Your higher self is a place where you will frequently process that which is happening to you in your everyday life. Take this moment as you are here within this space to see if there are things that you have changed your mind about, things that you have completed; and just let that go.

You then gather the rest of your focus in intention and you send that light up that thread that moves into your divinity. As you arrive within your divinity you can feel what it is to be a part of that expanded expression that is you! Your divinity is the link to the universe, it has the experiences of living upon the earth, and therefore it is your opportunity to discover more about who you are and what has created the individual that you are in this now moment.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you so that as our energies merge together, we expand, moving into the All That Is. As you feel your focus moving into this higher lighter vibration, look around at all that is here.

I’m going to share with you the perspective that I have as I look at you and as I look at the All That Is in this now moment. It is as if we are in a place and there are people going everywhere. We see ships come in and go out, we see people teleporting from spot to spot, and there is an energy of movement taking place at this time. This is in relation to the Ascension that will take place on December 21, 2020. It is also due to all the many, many people that as yet are unaware that there is anything happening.

Now I invite you to have a sense of looking in front of you, and I open up the window so to speak, I open up the barrier and it is as if you are looking at your planet. You the individuals that have been upon this journey are very aware of the densities that have been present in and around the earth. You are also aware of all the work that you have done to assist with this transformation. I thank you because I know it has been very difficult.

As you look at the earth, I invite you to take a moment and I would like you to begin by looking at your life as you are living it upon the earth. It is as if you go zooming down until you can see your life. However, you are looking from a very high perspective. You may, therefore, see your life differently.

As you look at your life what is most important to you? As you consider whatever that may be, follow the threads of energy that may align you with whatever that situation may be. As you consider that which is most important to you, is it bringing you joy, excitement, peace, contentment? Or is it bringing you frustration, perhaps fear, sadness as if that which is most important to you is not within your current reality.

Allow your focus to come back up within the All That Is. You are still linked into your life upon the earth; however, it is still easier to work with the energies from within this perspective. It is important for you from time to time in your meditations to let yourself expand so that you can be in that space of the bigger picture and take a look at your life.

So here, within the All That Is, as you consider that which is most important; if you were on the side that feels as if it is unattainable or you are not where you want to be then allow your focus to go within you. As you do so, consider what might be holding you back from that which is most important.

I love humanity, and you always make me laugh when we have a situation like this about your life. A number of you have put forth that one thing that is most important. However, the majority have your scroll that has a list and it may be prioritized, but it is always multiple things, not just one thing.

Within your life, this is what life is about. You may have certain things that are more important than other things but your mind or your experiences jump from one to the next, to the next, to the next. If you find yourself being pulled in many directions, unsure of where you want to be then come back to this bigger perspective and allow it to clear out those things that truly are not as important but that your everyday life still tries to bring into the mix or into the clutter.

This is also very much a part of what is happening to humanity at this time. There is clutter, or there are things that people try to use as a distraction to keep you from being aware of what is happening. So perhaps it’s clutter, perhaps it’s distraction, howsoever it comes to you, take a moment and consider whatever that may be. You can say “oh is this something that is really important in my life, or is it a distraction”? If it is a distraction, place it a step away from you.

Allow to come up as the next step, what is keeping you from that which you most seek to have. What is the next thing? Is this actually helping you to achieve what you seek to have, or is it also a distraction? If it is helping you, then let it shifted over to that that you seek to manifest. If it is a distraction, then it goes into that gathering of those things that are taking you away from your focus without giving you any benefit.

As I described it like that, I could see some of you having a better idea and then suddenly going there, there, there and you are easily shifting those things that were listed on your scroll of information. So, for anything that has been a distraction, or a focus that has kept you from being aware, take in a deep breath now and ~whew~ clear out the distractions. Just let them float away.

As you do so shift in front of you those things which are most important to you and now you may find multiple things, but consider how they support one another.

As you allow yourself to focus within create clarity about how you see your life, what you would like in your life; and as you do so follow that stream down once more and take that overview once again looking at your life. Once more as if you are sitting above your life, you see yourself in your home, going to work, going about your daily activities, whatever they may be. I ask you, has your perception shifted?

I can see that many of you are now able to look at your life without those distractions and therefore see that which is most important to you or most prevalent to you. You now have the opportunity to consider, is this still what I seek to have in my life? Or, would I like to transform, perhaps move in a different direction? Perhaps, I can recognize that even though I have focused upon something for a very long time it is now lowering down in priority and something else is coming up. It is essential that you be flexible in your life.

Shift your focus once more into the All That Is and feel your center come within you. Look at the earth in front of you, look at the earth in front of you. You may now recognize that you can create a pathway that very easily allows your consciousness to go here in the All That Is down into your physical reality.

I invite you to look at the earth. Not as the earth itself, the planet, but let us look at the earth as if perhaps looking at the matrix or the collective consciousness. You can see the shift away from seeing the planet and into seeing the impulses that are interconnected and perhaps in some areas there is a thickness or a density that surrounds the earth. I remind you, for those of you that have been working with this for a long time it used to be much worse than what it is right now. So be aware that the transformation is taking place and much of the density has been cleared out and is continuing to clear out.

I invite you to now consider, not from your personal perspective, but from a global perspective the intention of peace, communication, cohesive working together, transparency. As you consider any of those things and you are looking down towards the earth; look for those places in which it is most prevalent and make note of those places where it is not as evident.

Allow your focus to go within those places that have been infused with the light energy, that are infused with the vibration of the fifth dimension, and feel as if you are sending your own vibration and energy into that space. And then, as you align with this energy, take in a deep breath and ~whew~ send it out a breath of light, a breath of energy, and just let all of this ball of energy move through that which you may term the matrix or that which you may term the collective consciousness. As you do so, that is going to clear out all of those distractions keeping humanity from being able to focus and understand from within.

Let us do that once more. As you gather your focus in your energy you bring it within your consciousness and you are here within this alignment, you then take in a breath and as we breathe out ~whew~ we send that ball of light. Look at the difference just two breaths have made. It is not just this group that is working in such a way. There are many, many, many around the world and when you align with a particular vibration you link with everybody else doing the same thing and it creates a massive effect!

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

This past year has been a year of completion for many, many, many aspects of people’s lives. It has been a year of clearing out old beliefs systems, old paradigms, and making way for the new light vibration to become the norm for everybody.

Energetically, the majority is in the high light vibration of the fifth dimension and higher. So, as you are here within this space, take a moment and perhaps consider people you know that are still stuck in the old energy or considered those that you may or may not know that are stuck in the old energy. Take in another breath and just gently, lovingly, nurturing send a wave of energy and light to assist in helping them to break up whatever shell may be holding them back, so that they may transform into the higher, lighter vibration.

As you do this you can see that so many are ready, they just don’t know what for, they just don’t know how this is going to play out. So, this love, compassion, assistance, consciousness; all of these words assist those that are ready to open up and can help this by tapping into this vibration and sending that light and love through the consciousness, through the matrix, whatever you want to call it. Those two things (the matrix and collective consciousness) are separate but somewhat overlapping.

Have a sense of releasing this space and go back down within your life. As if you are hovering above your life, can you see how it transforms as all of this other energy is transforming? As you clear out the distractions on a global level it even helps to clear out the distractions in your life. So, look at your life.

I hear people saying “that would be nice if it was true, but it is not”. It is more true than what you know. You choose your vibration in large part through your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideas, your actions. You allow that focus to come back up within the All That Is, and I ask you each to look at yourself once more as you breathe down into your heart as you breathe down into the center of your consciousness. How do you feel? As you consider your life, and as you consider the world be aware that there is so much that you do that has an effect on all that is around you.

Gather together as a group and as you see coming up within the center of you as the hologram of the earth. You are already aligned with this hologram. You can already see the greater clarity that’s taking place. If you wish to, you may send more light of your own transformation into this hologram. As you do so, it begins to rotate and spin, and sometimes I see little sparkles of light and energy that are released from the movement.

There is an aspect of that that goes out into the universe and the remainder of that goes down into the earth itself. As this moves into the earth it goes all the way through those layers that we have already worked with clearing out and it goes down into the center of the earth, with the core aspect of the earth. As it is anchored within there it then moves outward creating balance within the center of the earth and coming up through those places that you have already anchor, it comes back up within you.

It is also moving through the grass, the trees, the waterways creating a greater balance and clarity that people will tap into in their everyday life. Your loved ones, your friends, your family, or those that you were unaware of may all tap into that energy as it swirls around in their everyday life.

You then take a moment to shift your focus upward and bring all of your consciousness back down from the All That Is. You have a sense of moving through your divinity and this probably a greater clarity of the other lives in the other aspects that make up you as you are in this now moment. That information comes with you, it streams down from your higher self, and you feel it as it anchors back down within you. As you allow for all of this to settle within you moving from cell to cell to cell. Look around at your life.

Are you going to perhaps make some different choices? Are you going to perhaps open up to allow opportunities to come into your reality? Can you on this more conscious level, disconnect from those things that no longer support you? And then, you just feel yourself anchoring within your physical reality.

My beloved family, I remind you that we are here at this time of immense transformation. You can make choices within your life that will allow you to move in one pathway or another. Don’t forget you have that larger perspective of your life and then you have that everyday perspective. Whenever you take an opportunity to get that bigger perspective, you can then clear out the distractions, you can then manifest more fully that which you seek, and it is here and present for you.

During this time of transition remember that you are already vibrating at the light frequency of the fifth dimension. Remember that, that which you seek in your life is present. Find that frequency of alignment and balance.

Beloved, know that I am ever with you and within you!


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