Crystalline Clouds of Light

new sun higher lightGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you. This has been a while, since I have written.

The process of ascension continues to unfold in divine order. Irrelevant of what one may see in the outer world, the energies being received by Earth from the Central Sun are doing exactly that which they’re supposed to do. The dissolving of the old, and infusing of the new higher dimensional timelines.

The saying there is always room for improvement, is true. I say there is always another question or questions to be answered. I’ve been a part of this, and following the process for quite some time, and I too still have questions. Within, I am content with what I know. However, certain lower aspects of me, due to boredom most likely, may have more questions.

I often meet with the Galactic Councils in my nightly sojourns, actually this happens almost every night, I just don’t recall every meeting.

In the recent weeks, I’ve met with the Galactic Councils regularly, of course the discussion is related to the process.

This time, I didn’t necessarily have questions, I simply made a statement, about people, the “awakened” ones being exhausted, and wishing for things to move forward faster.

From my perspective, if things were to move any quicker, a whole new level of chaos would ensue. And this would not benefit anyone.

As I and the members of the Galactic Councils were communicating, on a spaceship, but it felt as if we were on a planet, that is how grand the ship was. They said to me “there is a great deal we can do to amplify the energies even more, but only a few would be able to face and survive the highly amplified light.” “This would also affect your electrical grid, and your ways of communication.” “And Earth entering a quick phase of releasing her old energies, which would cause certain parts of her land mass to tremble and sink.”

They’re well aware of my knowing this, but of course, confirmation is always a good thing.

The next thing which unfolded was astounding. What in Star Trek is termed the “bridge”, or the flight deck, this is where I and the Galactic Council were having the meeting. After our discussion, all became silent. And they decided to show me something.

What is not clear to me at this point, is if we were close to, or if they had magnified, zoom in to the area of the Great Central Sun so I’d have a better view. And I certainly had the perfect view.

As we were observing the activities of the Great Central Sun, telepathically, the Galactic Council members said to me “this is what’s in store for Earth.” At that exact moment, I am seeing, what I can describe as many “white, crystalline clouds of light,” each stretching for miles.

These are the Photonic Waves of Energy which are to infuse Earth and all of her inhabitants in the times ahead.

While observing these “crystalline clouds of light”, how grand they appeared, for those to be released towards Earth, would make the greatest impact this world has ever seen before. And the thing which came to mind is “The Event.”

This truly was a thrilling experience, nonetheless, the seriousness of every being who was a part of the meeting with the Galactic Council on this matter was astonishing. Simultaneously, and telepathically we all shared the same thought, of what this “event” would entail for Earth.

Now, for the timing of this event, it is not known. All I can say about that is it may not be too far into the future. This experience itself, I see it as a form of preparation. For we are very close indeed to major shifts.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!