Ashtar and Archangel Michael: We Are With All Of You Every Step Of The Way

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds it is I Lord Ashtar along with Lord Michael coming through for all of you today today.

I’d like to talk about where you are on your journey not only on your journey to the fifth dimension but where you are on your journey with what’s going on on the planet right now and Lord Michael will bring through messages and he will interject in this conversation that I, that we are bringing through this channeler

Where you are on your journey now is you are at a crossroads, you are at a point at a bend ; we’re going to say where your consciousness is really opening up to all that is on the planet and not only to all that is on the planet but to what really is going on and does exist on this planet.

A lot of you have really opened up to seeing the truth of what’s going on and a lot of you have really become conscious to your gifts, your journey, sort of your your birthright and your destiny we’re going to say.

A lot of you that are healers, have really come online. A lot of those that this channeler does healing with are healers that she’s able to really do palm activations and all kinds of activations with.

A lot of you, out there are really searching for something else than what was just going on and going through we’re going to say with your lives as they were and are.

A lot of you are realizing that there’s a lot more vastness out there, that there are different dimensions, that you are really shifting your consciousness and that you are really not only changing who you are but you’re really shifting and changing all of humanity.

For a lot of you are really holding the light, for a lot of those that are still sleeping and a lot of you are really reaching out now to figure out what it is that your journey truly is and a lot of you are really looking for all the information you can about what is truly happening on your planet.

So from where we sit up in the high councils and the high collective of light, we can feel for your energy, we can feel for your vibration on this planet and plane and we can feel that you really have done an uptick in your vibration and your frequency and we can feel that you really have shifted the consciousness not only your consciousness but shifted the consciousness of humanity.

We can see that you are not where you were a year ago or even six months ago and we can feel that the energies and all the activations and everything that is sent down from the angelic realms, sent down from the sun and sent down from the galactic communities really is shifting all of you for this is a monumental journey you’re on and we just want to give you some inspiration today.

We just want to tell you how proud we are of all of you. You are really going through a lot on your planet right now you are really realizing a lot of the truths have been taken from you and not only taken from you but hidden from you for a very long time and you’re also realizing that a lot of what is out there is not the truth it is mistruths that are being told to you over and over and over

A lot of you are seeing really for yourselves what is going on and wanting to really sit more in your truth of who you are and a lot of you we see having a lot of hardships really rolling through this really dark agenda not being able to work, you know having your lives really turned upside down but we want to tell you and share with you how beautiful all of you are for still really rolling through this process, getting through this dark agenda and how grateful we are for all of you for really trudging through it and really knowing that there is an end in sight that you will come through this and that you will change and shift not only how you navigate but how everyone navigates on this planet and plane for all of you are children of the light all of you are holding so much light not only within your energy field but all around your aura space as well.

You’re beaming, you’re radiating, you’re exuding light all around you and you have so many that are helping you, you have not only your guides and angels but you have your galactic families as well for a lot of you are starseeds and the wayshowers and the light workers and you have jumped in to really be of service on this planet and plane now.

So for all of you we give a big shout out and for all of those in the collectives who are holding the light you are the reason all of you that are awakened, you are the reason that humanity; all the collective that is sleeping is still rolling through this. They are rolling through it with really at a monumental pace.

You are fast tracking to the ascension as well you do have the second and third waves coming upon you very quickly but we just want to shout out how proud of you, how wonderful it is that all of you are really doing so much for humanity, for all in humanity and really pulling together as one.

You are going to push right through these mistruth, you are going to find the truth on your planet, you’re going to take back your freedom, your free will and you’re going to push forward.

We are helping you, we are with you every step of the way, we are all thousands and thousands and thousands, literally millions of us cheering you on as you go through this very emotional rollercoaster and you go through a lot of emotions that have to be purged and let go of as well but we’re here to cheer you on, we’re here to tell you how much we love you and we’re here to really stand with you, beside you and all around you for you are the ones that are really pushing for this jump not only jump in humanity but we’re really pushing for this shift for you don’t want to be down here and play in these games anymore, you’re really pushing for a change, you’re really pushing to see the truth, to feel the truth and to actually live on a planet of truth and you’re also pushing forward to live in a planet where people really live with their hearts, in their heart centers more where people live with compassion and where people are able to feel peace around them not fear.

So i Lord Ashtar along with Lord Michael, along with the entire angelic kingdom, along with all the collectives of light councils of light, we’re behind you. We’re sending you such love, blessings and light.

**Channel: Lynne Rondell


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you Lord Michael well I liked that message that came through.

I hope it resonates for all of you. It is nice to know we do have so much help and it is nice to know that we are going to roll through this and get through it very soon and it’ll be changed forever for the good.

I look forward to sending many more messages through for all of you. I’m sending you such love, such light and blessings

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