Yeshua, Goddess of Creation: Ascension Complete

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomYES!!! We have arrived. Since I have channeled the Goddess of Creation for these teleconferences the theme has been the ascension of the Earth. We did ascend in consciousness in 2012. Today with the Solstice December 21, 2020, Gaia ascends as well. Woohoo!! I know many of you have been struggling with the old energy and the transition taking place so hopefully, things will ease up tremendously.

During this channel, the Goddess first gave us a chance to connect with Gaia and feel the frequency. Every time I would link with her it was a very deep resonance and tone. Tonight, I could hear this much higher frequency which sounded like angels singing! I could still hear the deeper tones, but the higher were evident as well. Once in the All That Is, we were able to look at the Earth, and OMG, I could see a distinct difference. the collective consciousness was cleared out as was the matrix. They actually said tonight that there has been a completely new matrix created which is what we now align with.

We also have a message from Yeshua which is very common as we come up to Christmas. He first spoke of birth and re-birth as we move into this new lighter energy. We all have an opportunity to create a new beginning moving forward. He had in a semi-circle Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Anna, Melchizidek, Metatron, and more. He said they came from the universe and all were there at various times to assist with changes on Earth. He spoke of when he walked upon the earth and this time. He said in the future people will look at this time as the Aquarian Age and consider it as we do the Renaissance, when he lived, etc. each of the people in the group then went to all who attended and touched them creating a healing experience or helping to release the past. Everyone also received a personal message.

This is a powerful channel filled with love & light to assist with Ascending into the Aquarian Age!

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this moment in time.

I know how humans, as you live your life, you have those moments that are a little more special than others; perhaps a birthday, perhaps the birth of a child, a wedding. You all can look at your life and you are aware of these snapshots of different times in your life. Moving forward the next 24 hours coming up into the Solstice of December 2020 may end up being one of those moments for you, or it may be just another day in your life with zero significance.

I can appreciate how there has been so much discussion about the ascension process. You’ve heard it from me. You’ve heard it from many others. And in our discussions, it has been: the energy is here, the process is here, we’re moving through, life is changing. Because this has been so prevalent, in particular for the last eight years, many of you have already moved beyond and a living in that higher light vibration. I, therefore, acknowledge for you that you have done an excellent job of assisting in this transformation to bring us to where we are right now. Without you – the many, many Light Workers who began this process as much as 50 years ago we could not be where we are right now. I, therefore, thank you and everyone else that is from this side of the energy. We the support people for you upon the Earth, we are all here in celebration of humanity.

I the Goddess first began working and coming into this energy around the year 2001. I represented Crystalline energy. I represented the high vibration and it was for me a very early time to come into this space and I have worked with this individual ever since then. Well, we actually begin about a year before she began actually channeling me.

I ask you to take this moment and think back to the last three, five, twenty years, whatever time you would like, and ask yourself when was it that I became aware that there was something going on that was bigger than me? I have to smile because I heard someone say last week. Excellent. But I know from earlier today to the last any number of years people have been awakening, and the awakening has been about raising your frequency, expanding your consciousness, seeing with clear eyes all that is around you.

This higher vibration is much more transparent than what you have been living within and this is one of the reasons why, number one, people will move through whatever it is that is happening in your life much more quickly. It also means that with greater transparency there is greater vision. So much has been hidden from the majority of humanity for a very long time and it is coming out bit by bit by bit by bit. The greater transparency will allow for everyone to see what so far only a few have seen or understood. Allow your energies to experience that. What does it mean?

Sometimes people will ask us, well what don’t I know; please go ahead and tell me what I don’t know so that I will be informed. If we were to say things to you that were so far out of your scope you would think Oh, okay pretty strange, but okay and it won’t resonate with you. It won’t make sense to you. This is why step by step people are understanding and people are awakening, which is what this whole Solstice is about.

Now I invite you to breathe deeply down into your heart center. From within your heart center send that energy down into the Earth. As you find yourself aligning with wherever it is you go whenever you anchor, I invite you to take this opportunity and reach out to Gaia. Tap into the frequency of Gaia.

It is making Shelly extremely emotional and I think many of you others also because the frequency that is coming through right now is significantly different. There is a higher flow as if for example when they talk about the Angels singing that vibration, that pitch, that tone that vibrates at a different level. From my perspective through this individual when we would link with Gaia it was always a deep, deep resonance of vastness. A depth and anchoring, and while that vibration continues to be there the first alignment is that of a much higher pitch and tone. From there it flows into a deeper resonance.

So, I ask you what is your perception? It is not about one or another. It is about expanding your awareness so that you may know and understand more than what you conceived of prior to this now moment.

Shelly just heard this message come through from Gaia which stated, “It is done. We are successful. I have no doubt that we would succeed, but I thank humanity and all that have participated with this ascension process of the Earth.” Those words came straight from Gaia herself.

Breathe deeply and know, know that a new reality is beginning right now. Feel all of what it is for you. You then let that energy, those messages, that alignment come back up within you. It comes up through your energy body and you send it out through the top of your head. You send that stream of consciousness so that it may align with your Higher Self. Look around at what this is. You may very well find that you are aligning within your Higher Self at a different frequency. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to look at those disappointments, to look at those things that have not worked, ~whew~, and let them go. Here within your Higher Self, this is going to be a wider alignment between your Divinity and your human reality.

From here send your stream of consciousness further up you feel those energies as you align with your Divinity. I invite you to consider the potential that you will now perceive even more aspects of who you are. Those aspects may be past lives, future lives, parallel lives. It is your Soul that is your link into the Central Sun. It is your Soul that has one or multiple aspects that go out within the Universe and you access everything through this space. We have been coming here for years. Now is an opportunity for you to set the intention that you perceive even more of what your Divinity is to you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all of you. I reach out and embrace you. You As the human. You as your divinity and as our energies merge, we move into the All That Is.

There is quite the festival going on as we come into this space! The celebration or that feeling of accomplishment is being expressed by the many, many that are here. In fact, I would invite you to come back into this meditation again and ask to see, “Show me something different. Show me something I have not seen. Who else is here?” As you do so you will get to know in part other aspects of who you are, other energies of what this all is. Take a deep breath in and feel your energies center within you.

We have two major things that we’re going to experience this evening. For the first, I am going to open up that window that you frequently will see in front of you and I ask you to look at the Earth. As you look at the Earth you may have a sense of moving around the entire planet. Some of you may go to that place in which you live. But at the moment step back and look at it as you see the Collective Consciousness and the Matrix. How does that look to you? Indeed, much more of the density has been cleared out since the last time that we looked in this way. This is also the result of the ascension process that has taken place.

I’m going to show before you what the Earth looked like from this perspective in the year 2000. You can see how things shrunk. You can see the density. You can see the slow movement of the impulses. By 2005 there is a subtle change, but also quite dense and the pathways are quite slow. In 2008 there was an opening into the fourth dimension and that’s when the 5th dimension began to much more consciously come into the Earth. So, look now at 2010. Now you can see a significant difference. Since 2010 we’ve had a great number of crystalline children born upon the Earth. They’re that vibration. They don’t think about it, they don’t work at it; they just are and they’re just doing so much work because you have set that potential for them and it sets this presence.

Look at 2015. We skipped over 2012, but you can see, especially from that perspective of 2000 into those 15 years significant transition taking place. However, it is still very dense and the pathways of the metrics were blocked in many places.

Let us look into this now moment December 20, 2020. Look at the earth. Look at the Collective Consciousness and look at the Matrix. It is a beautiful sight to see and the way that we see it is that there is still some density there, but a fraction of what it was. The Matrix is almost completely rebuilt in its expanded state. The last parts of that are taking place right now.

So indeed, the Matrix through which you worked, or your impulses worked, back in the year 2000, and especially before that year, was very constricted in very dense. The Matrix that you are looking at right now in 2020 is a brand-new expanded Matrix that has been implemented and built with the vibrational energy of the Universe and the Planet as they merge together. So yes, it looks similar. Yes, it seems like it weaves in and out. However, that is the bridge taken from the old Matrix into the new, and that old one will just go by the wayside once this transition is complete. This has been going on for years and because we never focused upon it or discussed it people might have said this is something different. It seems brighter, but they never really put two and two together to create that reality. Take a deep breath in and feel the peace that comes with the knowledge that you have succeeded and I thank you.

We close that window, and as you look back in the All That Is that area has now transformed. Now one has the sense of that Amphitheatre and you see standing before you Yeshua and the other Masters. These are Masters from Earth and some are Masters from the Universe, so some of them may look like a different species. You see those that supported Yeshua in his life, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen Anna, some of his disciples. You see them gathered in a circle; not really a circle a 1/2 circle. As they stand in front of you at this time so as to work with every single individual in programming your cells and in programming your belief systems. Programming is not the right word, reprogramming, adjusting your mental, physical emotional, spiritual, and crystalline energy bodies so that they can be recalibrated so as to function at the highest ability moving forward.

At this time Yeshua steps forward and all is quiet as he begins to speak.

Yeshua Speaks:

I greet you, my friends and family, shalom. I come at this time because the time is here, the time is now, to complete the cycle I began over 2000 years ago. You see around me those that were my family and friends. There are others that are here that you don’t recognize because it was never recorded in the history. Consider your life, your family, your friends, and the network that you have of those of a high vibrational mindset where you merge together as one supporting one another. So too did I have that at that time.

During the time of my life when I was known as Yeshua or Jesus, I came in because of the very dark energies that were prevalent upon this Planet. There had been others before me who also did the same thing that I did. There have been Light Workers that came in many different times and in many different cultures throughout your world and throughout the history that you considered for your world. Many of us come from other planets and one of the reasons that we are successful is that we bring with us the energy, the frequency, the way of looking and living and experiencing life that is totally outside the norm for what you have in this space. This is why there were people around me.

When you look at the books, I know the Bible is one of the big ones, but it talks about snapshots of different times in my life and some of those snapshots were absolutely the most significant. However, it was the time between the significant events that truly created the network of energy that was I in that lifetime. I would say to you, you may have your significant times in your life of when things happened, but that’s a snapshot of a moment and it is the time in between that truly creates your life. Sometimes it’s the time in between that prepares you for those snapshots. Sometimes those snapshots completely change your pathway in life and you move in another direction.

At the time of my birth which is celebrated this week, it is a time to consider rebirth within your life. You may rebirth in your life every single day if you need to, but this year in particular it is your opportunity to truly become in touch with your heart’s desire. Not your mind’s desire, your heart, your soul, everything from the bigger perspective that is you. My birth did come in alignment with the Universe creating what is known as the Star of Bethlehem, that tail that came all the way down into the Earth seemingly. This alignment has occurred at various times throughout the history of the planet. Every time it heralds change. We speak words, but it is the energy of the Universe in alignment with the Earth that creates the true change that is happening.

Every time, going back to Lemuria probably, there have been experiences that have aligned with the Universe. Some even more significant than this star, which is the alignment of multiple planets, and other times it need not be as significant in time in terms of the what you see in the night sky; however, the impact on the Earth is massive. So be aware that this date, the winter Solstice, December 21, 2020. The winter Solstice for the northern and the summer solstice for the southern. The Solstice for December 21, 2020. It is another one of those stamps; those energy stamps that is the beginning of change that cannot be undone and that is heralding the next wave of life upon the Earth.

The Goddess of Creation already showed you the Planet and you could see for yourself how everything you have been doing the last 20 years, or 50 years, has had this impact. I would therefore ask you to sit back for a moment, and as if you take everything out of your mind that you have either wanted to manifest or learn about, or that has been in your agenda because this is the perfect time to hear, and to know, and to feel what it is that is truly meant for you. So, as you get quiet you may feel one of us coming to sit with you or to touch you on your shoulder.

We are here to help expand your consciousness in such a way that you will understand that message you receive. Many of you will not believe that message in this now moment, but it will come to you at some time in the future. Take a deep breath in and be open to receive. (there was a pause at this time) You will continue to receive any messages. You will continue to let go of those things that have been within your life that no longer serve you and in fact, for many of you it is the shutting of the door as you step into a completely new and different experience.

I am here to celebrate with you. I have been very present working with individuals around the world for the last several years. Some people will consider this the second coming of Christ. However, I believe that most people that are truly aligned within their heart to their Divinity will know that the second coming of Christ is the awakening of that unconditional love within you. It’s not about someone telling you what to think, or feel, or know; it is about you learning it, knowing it, having it within yourself. The Christ energy is made up of more than just me. It is a great deal of that group and just as everything else is transforming as you align with the vibration so too is the Christ energy.

I will be even more present in people’s thoughts and prayers as this ascension continues. I am used to walking upon the Earth in the lower vibration and although it’s a challenge I can do so. But I am not alone. Look for the Mary’s, Anna, Melchizedek, Metatron, and the many others that have been with you at significant times throughout the history of this Planet.

I thank you for this opportunity to align with you. I send my love to you and know that you are not alone and I am present with you.


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

I the Goddess return and as I look at you, every one of you is so illuminated with light that I no longer see characters of your face. It is but light, light, light, light and this is what you take back with you to the Earth. You take it through your consciousness and it moves into your everyday reality. Breathe deeply and allow all of that to move through you.

There are some of you that will remain within this space. However, the remainder of you I ask that you come back in a circle and as you do so the Hologram of the Earth comes up within the circle. The hologram is different and I ask you to simply take note because all of these many ways in which you notice these differences are creating a new reality for you.

As that Hologram comes up within the circle each one of you infuses your illuminated light body energy into the Planet. As it moves within, the Hologram represents all the changes that are currently taking place. As you let that go this time look out into the Universe and see where the aspect of the Hologram that goes out; it goes out as a starburst; it goes in different directions connecting into those Stars or Planets that are directly related to the Earth. Then the remainder of the Hologram goes down.

You let it go, you release it from the All That Is, and as you do so it goes down and it moves through the outside of the Earth. It is aligning with that new Matrix that Yeshua spoke about and giving it even more light. It moves through the bridge and into the Collective Consciousness and immediately receives specks of debris, specks of old energy just clearing out. It’s as if they just pop off. The Hologram goes down into the center of the Earth and anchors within Gaia.

As it expands outwards it comes up within the many layers of the earth and it comes up into each one of you. Your own energies come up from within, where you anchored with Gaia earlier. It also comes up through the water, the grass, through every aspect of the surface of the Earth. As everything is anchoring and balancing let your consciousness just go back to the All That Is and then feel as if you are gently bringing the remainder of your consciousness back into you. It moves through your I AM presence, your Divinity. It streams back down through that line of consciousness. It comes back within you. As it does so take in a deep breath, breathe within letting that breath of energy move up and down within you.

Ask to have Yeshua, or Mary or Anna, or Melchizedek; ask to have any one of those or whomever chooses to come and be present with you in this moment as you anchor. As you invite that energy to be within you create a bond or an alignment that will assist you in the days to come. It may be that some of the Angels that you’ve worked with and a past have completed their mission and you are now opening to someone new and different.

My beloved family as you stand here on the cusp of the next eon to take place upon the Earth you are standing here with meaning and intention. I ask you to put forth the intention of what you would like to see within your life. I ask you to put forth the intention of what messages and support you would like to receive within your life. I ask you to be aware of the changes taking place, of the love, of the light, and know that you have such significance in all that is going on.

And when you wonder is anything happening, is it real; then yes, it is real and yes, a great deal will be happening! The transparency will allow for things to move through the energy much more quickly than they have in the past.

So be open. Be the light of love and know that I am ever with you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: