Ashian: Expansion 2021

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomMy beloved brothers and sisters of the light, you are to be congratulated on coming through 2020 so magnificently. It was a brutal year, one that tore so many of you from your sleep. You awoke! You used the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at everything you thought you knew about life, and refocus your own lives and values.

There are a two themes that I would like to reflect upon in advance of the coming year of your now time, in the hope that they assist you.

Creativity and Joy

Stay in the present moment! How often have you heard this said? In the coming year, your creativity will become extremely important for several reasons. First, any creative activity where you are engrossed brings you directly into the present moment. You are no longer missing the past or worrying about the future. You are in your expanded, higher-dimensional self.

Your creativity offers you a direct bridge to your higher consciousness, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate these higher vibrations into your mind, body and psyche.

Your creativity also allows you to access your higher wisdom, opening new insights, new visions, new inventions and evolutions that are beyond the grasp of the rational mind.

Creativity is the doorway to your Ascended Self.

Your Ascended Self is always in the present, always in joy, always in acceptance of what is. These are qualities that will help you navigate 2021 with much greater ease and grace.

Institutional Evolution

For many, it appears that the institutions of society are continuing to function as they always did. This is an illusion. They are held together by the cobwebs of outdated paradigms, and they are crumbling.

In the coming year you are to witness unprecedented change in your institutions. They all need to change, to crumble and to be re-imagined (remember your creativity!). The old 3D methods, patterns and programming are outdated: they will and must be redesigned in alignment with your rapidly emerging 5D consciousness.

For many, the shock of so much change when they had hoped to return to ‘normal’ this year will seem overwhelming. The key to gracefully transitioning is returning to the present moment of acceptance of what is. Resistance will only make this process harder for you because it will put you in opposition to What Is; the process itself will not stop.  It cannot stop.

Returning to your creativity will allow you to expand into your higher consciousness and download insights that are invaluable to you for your personal journey and for your sacred mission on this planet.


Beloved brothers and sisters, you are moving, evolving and transforming at unimaginable speed. You are radiant beyond belief, but we understand that the lived experience of that soul expression is not always clear or easily accessed in the physical form.

You are on an accelerated ascension timeline. You are changing quickly, and this year will see no let-up in the pace of change.

So our advice is this: return to the basics. Follow your joy.  It will provide you with release and rest when you feel battered by the external pace of change. Create space and time regularly to be creative.  It is your direct pathway to your Ascended Self, anchoring in new ideas, new innovations, new You.

As ever, you are loved in every Now moment and we are always here for you.  Just call upon us.

**Source **Channel; Jennifer Crokaert